A bunch of Shell V-Power Ferraris 2017 Ferrari 1:43 Diecast 1 day ago   01:58

A bunch of Shell V-Power Ferraris. This is one of my old style Charity Shop Short videos where I show you stuff that caught my eye but I didn't buy. I suspect these are from somebody's collection, still in the original packaging, now priced at £1.99 each in a charity shop 😕 I was interested as I already have the Superamerica unboxed and was impressed by the double speed gearing effect.

Shell V-Power
1/38 scale
Enzo Ferrari
360 Spider

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Comments 11 Comments

Very interesting toys. Is there any update on the pinhole cameras from the woods at all?
Sam :)
Mike Flight
Yes, they look really good. It would be interesting to see how that double speed mechanism works. :D
FHRC Brony Radio Control and Cars
If I was at that thrift store and saw those, I’d buy those hands down
Find a 2 superamerica, you can combine the rear meachanism in front and make a 4wd out of it.
R.C. 4WheelDrive
I love your videos so much!!!!!! Also can you some time make a remote control plane
Ian Mangham
still in their original blister pac yet.
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2017 Ferrari 1:43 Diecast A bunch of Shell V-Power Ferraris 1 day ago   07:32

2017 Ferrari 1:43 Diecast Models Collectibles from Shell featuring FXX K, SF16-H, La Ferrari, 250 Testa Rossa and 250 GTO models.

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