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These affirmations are designed to be repeated silently or out loud to improve self-belief, confidence and self-worth. Affirmations work on the 20% part of your conscious mind and conscious behaviour and will filter into the remaining 80% subconscious over time to become beliefs.

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Mohammed Alharbi
I wish l could meet you in person in the real life just to show you how thankful l am for all the videos you make for us . Your channel is the best. Thank you so so so so much for all your work l swear l am very greatful that l found this youtube channel .. l needed this and here is your channel thanks
Laurie Webb
"Nothing more attractive, than someone at ease with themselves"
💌 Thank you!
A Pinkney
I’m an making the transition into a better balanced me
jimmy garis
First time I heard this affirmation I was confused and angry with my self , I dint cry but I was really down for letting my self fail so low in a wrong relationship, I listen to them Every day now at list two times and I always have this cheerful smile on my face of happiness and positive out look for life ,
Kameron Machan
I am kind
I am strong
I am worthy of love and I am enough
George Lush
The last four words: “And so it is.” Great truth in these affirmations. Great beauty too.
Different World
Thank u for this
I absolutely love these affirmations I do them daily. Thank you 🙏🏻♥️🌹♥️
Vera Saveljev
I've recently become lost. Trapped in my mind of self loathing, fear, and lots of sleeping.
I am turning myself around on the inside. Thank you ✨✨✨❤️
Sharon Talbot
Amazing thankyou x
'I embrace a life that allows me to be me'
Thank you 🙏
sabina martinez
Amazing and 🙏🏻. I am doing this everyday 🌅
Mireille Kaplanian
I'm grateful that today i crossed by this video , it altered my negative thoughts to positive.
Absolutely loved this💖💖💖
Raja Dehnioglu
How often should we listen to them .and are there any side effects ..please
ayanle kadiye
It's time to unlock my life..
Edmondo Cerza
I love the soothing voice. Really useful
Jennifer T.K.
So beautiful.... Thank you for your time 🌺♥️🌺

To everyone on here... May you feel true Love everyday more than ever ♥️♥️♥️
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Change Your Life With Affirmations for Self-Belief and Self-Worth 5 months ago   09:15

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