Unbreak my heart lyrics Kelly Clarkson - Because of You (lyrics) 6 months ago   04:35

can ya'll believe i made this when i was like 12 lmaoooo, this is a really shitty lyric video too but i guess you guys were desperate

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i made this when i was 12 and ya'll still watching it?? get better standards, the lyrics and song dont even match. Still very thankful for the likes, views and nice comments tho! Keep the therapy sessions going in the comments!
Whatever happened to Toni Braxton never hear anything about her anymore.
Alli valiant
2019 here
Awing Awang
Ahh Pheak SKP
I listening this song on my birthday😢
Celia Cici
euphoria kz
Listenong to this while having to let go the love of my life ....
Big mood
Kadijatu Mv Kargbo
It's hurts but am listening to this after breaking up with my boyfriend even though I still love him but can't handle the thought of not been able to trust him again.
Allison Paul
He broke up with me while I was in the emergency room. When I needed him the most 😭
Jennie Rose
AllTea AllShade
I wish he could see these feelings have for him 😢😢😢😭 My heart is braking He has some else and it really hurts! 😩😩😩💔💔💔😭 I cant help what I'm feeling for him
The description for this video lmaooo
SJ Eyes
2019 anyone? ♥️
munir dion
Goodbye dendi mohon maaf lahir dan batin
munir dion
Goodbye dendi.. maaf
El ina
جودي سان
munir dion
💖💖💖💖💖i love u dendi
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Kelly Clarkson - Because of You (lyrics) Unbreak my heart lyrics 6 months ago   03:41

Kelly Clarkson.
Because of You.

Yes I know it's "I learned to play" not "I like to play" so can people stop commenting telling me this?
Thanks. =D