Jimi Jameson - Im Always Here Andrew Spencer feat. Pit Bailay 6 months ago   03:01

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Sunset Strippers are an electronic music group from the UK. They are known for their 2005 song "Falling Stars" which is a remix of the 1988 hit song "Waiting For a Star to Fall" by Boy Meets Girl, and was involved in a sampling battle with Cabin Crew. "Falling Stars" reached number 3 in the UK Singles Chart in March 2005.

The music video for "Falling Stars" features Benji Weeratunge listening to the song in his headphones while washing his clothes in a launderette. Three attractive young women enter the launderette and begin to dance all at once while washing their clothes as well. While waiting for their clothes, the women strike poses while Harry tries to attract their attention to him. The women also dance around the launderette, until they are seen wearing white shirts and red shorts. They begin dancing with Harry while holding a microphone. An old woman and her dog arriving at the launderette see Harry singing inside with a mop as a microphone. It turns out the whole thing with the women was only his imagination. Disgusted, the old woman and the dog leave the launderette. Harry still continues to sing the song, even though he pretends nothing has happened.

Sunset Strippers have also remixed the Top 25 hit "Cry Little Sister", originally written by Gerard McMahon (under the pseudonym "Gerard McMann") as the theme tune for the film The Lost Boys. They have also remixed Planet Funk's song "The Switch", which features in Mitsubishi television advertisements and Irish pop band Westlife's "Total Eclipse of the Heart" for The Love Album.

The group's most recent track is "Step Right Up", which appears on the downloadable version of Clubbers Guide '08 by Ministry of Sound.

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Andrew Spencer feat. Pit Bailay Jimi Jameson - Im Always Here 6 months ago   03:33

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Andrew Spencer feat. Pit Bailay - I'm Always Here (Baywatch Theme) (Ti-Mo Remix Edit) from the compilation "Hands Up Top 25 - Best of 3 Techno, Trance & Hands Up: Vol. B"

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