24 Hours to ESCAPE the Mystery Room 24 Hours Buying EVERYTHiNG My Wife 2 days ago   16:59

FaZe Rug
In today's video, Rebecca Zamolo and FaZe Rug were found locked in a mystery room, and had 24 hours to try to leave! We ended up finding a secret safe and need YOUR help to get it unlocked!

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If you read this far down the description I love you

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Leonna Shinn
the code is 1234 or 12 34 or 3412
Lol could have been such a good video but they knew everything and was so cringe
christopher shepard
It might mean look up
Orit Sidelman
It's one two three four
Aubrey Bonnell
The numbers are 12 and 34
rabbitoh rock
The rocks that you found
Savy Wolf
I think the lines r buses
A plant in my Kitchen
I don't like this type of " OMG WHAT WHAIT WHAT. WOW NOO?!? THIS IS INSANE!!" content
Shannon Sutherain
You need help
Rachel Ferguson
the picture is the quadrant symbol aka its a plus sign or a cross
Eshan Ahmed
The number is 24
Eshan Ahmed
Gobydaly pagan
That's cool
Stephanie Derrick
It is 2and 34
Margarita Porokhina
Taylor Blair
12 34
lego friends
Maryam Ohorella
Its 234
Poppy Butcher
Natalie Giron
Love the video
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24 Hours Buying EVERYTHiNG My Wife 24 Hours to ESCAPE the Mystery Room 2 days ago   15:02

Rebecca Zamolo went crazy picking whatever she wants and wins that leads to a chase with the Game Master RZ twin chase before 3am.

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Matt and Rebecca both completed the Pause Challenge both with Squishes vs. Real Food and husband vs wife. However many people in the comments section said that the RZ twin spying on us on the roof. This time to keep up with the fun videos we buy everything my wife touches for a day. Rebecca thought we were going to buy Gucci and a Lamborghini, but we went to the 99 cent store and Target instead. She chose toys and other items that look like ninja spy gadgets and thought they were expensive. We were finally going to buy her a new car when we found the RZ twin with Rebecca's backpack. After a chase in real life she dropped the backpack an it almost turned into a battle royale overnight at 3am for 24 hours. Inside the backpack there were clues like Zamfam merch and a photo of Ro Pansino who was in the Dollhouse with Carter and Lizzy Sharer. We will solve the mystery of life after the game master and quadrant event? Thank you for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!

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