South Africa overtakes Nigeria Nigeria's Trillion Dollar Economy 2 days ago   03:14

Fresh IMF figures show that South Africa has reclaimed the top spot as the largest economy on the African continent. For the past two years, Nigeria had claimed the top spot, but a re-calculation using current exchange rates places South Africa back on top.

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christofel malik
South africa city looks like american city, and it is look much more beautifull than other african city (by video i watch in youtube) i never go to there personally.
olusegun jackson
The armed wing of the western countries are United states and France to destroy Nigeria and chase China Golf Guinea.
olusegun jackson
The western countries does not want a black country expands
Zwelakhe Zwane
South Africa will always be first and advanced economy for a long time
Nigerian leaders have stolen so much money from the people over the years, now that the Oil bonanza is over, you can't disguise the financial hole. Tough.
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Nigeria's Trillion Dollar Economy South Africa overtakes Nigeria 2 days ago   02:04

Nigeria could actually be a trillion-dollar economy. That's the message, many economic-experts and stake-holders are sending, after the recent-rebasing, of the calculation, of what is now Africa's largest-economy. Research indicates, that Nigeria has one of the largest, informal-economies in the world... and that, yet to be captured, in gross domestic product calculations. As CCTV'S Peter Wakaba found-out, global financial-service-providers, are positioning themselves, to take advantage, of this opportunity, which is far beyond, the recently announced, GDP calculation, of some 510 million dollars.