Why Hellboy Failed Why Hellboy Was Doomed From The Start 1 day ago   11:21

Behind-the-scenes disputes and actor meltdowns are just the beginning...

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Marshmalloh Queen
Not trying be weird but I actually liked this movie. Thing is, they focused on the wrong villains
William Watson
While I've not yet seen the movie, it seems to me that the majority of the negative backlash regarding this film is due to the change in directors, lead role, and failing to continue with a 3rd installment instead of a reboot. That's pretty shallow it seems to me. If you cannot give an unbiased review of a film because you don't like the new director, new actors, and/or failure to produce a 3rd installment instead of a reboot, your opinion is not only flawed, but nothing more than garbage propaganda to discredit a film based on your own personal issues with production choices and have absolutely nothing to do with the overall quality of the actual movie.
This really must be a failure because I've never even knew there was another HellBoy.
505 Booker 2049384
Shitty PR is still pr
Rocky Davis
This came out ?🤨
All I got from this video is that I need to read The Wrap as this seems more like a synopsis of their story.
I thought the movie was good. It was fun.
Slurpee Addiction
Hellboy looks faker then he does in the original movies.
StuItified Graphics
The trailer showed that it was no where near what the originals were, it showed there was never gonna be any of the heart the original had END of STORY. Also i think a lot of people are still after a conclusion the original again END of STORY. But in saying that it could have blown the originals out of the water and still failed cuz everyone wants that end
trex 1971
Might have something to do with the liberal douche playing Hellboy!
Jacklyn Demon
Because no one wants to see bland white actors lol
Ben Johnson
This movie was as confusing as you saying fil-um and film interchangeably from one sentence to another...
Benton Varela
Regardless of how people feel about this movie the cinematography was great
Dream Bat
I thought it failed because it got overshadowed by endgame
I would like to see Neil Marshall’s director’s cut of the movie, if Lionsgate releases it, on Blu-ray?
pillsbury doughboy
Why it failed? Because IT WAS STUPID!
Wight Spider
So, would ya say it's worth a watch when it's free on the Tele a few months from now?
Luis Nesmith
boring movie
Chase LeBoeuf
I thought it was fucking awesome... :(
Francis Moruanx
The film didn't fail.
It was fun to watch, good special effects, I enjoyed it.
Just stop listening to rotten tomatoes, make up your own mind.
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Why Hellboy Was Doomed From The Start Why Hellboy Failed 1 day ago   06:00

Hellboy is here, and it's a total disaster. There are a lot of factors behind the failure of the superhero movie reboot. Let's break down why it bombed at the box office and see if we can nail down just what exactly went so wrong with Hellboy 2019.

The critics have spoken, and they weren't pleased. But most damning for the Hellboy franchise's future prospects is the fact that this version of Big Red didn't make any money at all.

According to Box Office Mojo, the opening weekend for Hellboy brought in considerably less than even studio Lionsgate's lowest expectations. While the studio hoped for at least a $17 million take to start things off for the movie's theatrical run, Hellboy instead brought back only $12 million from more than 3,300 theaters, earning a third place at the domestic box office during its debut.

All that against a budget that's been reported to be at least $50 million. In other words, it looks like everyone who backed this project is about to lose their money.

Clearly, the world wasn't on fire with anticipation for a new, rebooted Hellboy movie. But not many predicted it would turn out this bad. As reviews rolled in over the movie's opening weekend, Hellboy's Rotten Tomatoes score hovered near the single digits, eventually reaching a 15% rating with roughly 150 reviews.

Naturally, the reactions are full of punny alley-oops. The movie is like a personal hell, or at least the tenth circle of one. It's a hell of a headache and a hellish experience. It both came from and can go to… you get it. The point is, people hated this movie. One of the more understated disses came from the Associated Press review.

One of the biggest problems the new Hellboy failed to overcome is many fans' continuing allegiance to the original two movies directed by Guillermo del Toro. Long before this new version of the franchise was being worked on, del Toro and original Hellboy Ron Perlman were ready and willing to step up for a third act. But over the course of the next decade, hopes for that reunion ever happening slowly faded, with producers steering the property toward a reboot instead. Keep watching the video to see why Hellboy was doomed from the start.

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Doomed to disappoint | 0:15
Abysmal reviews | 0:54
Suffer by comparison | 1:41
Ready, set, fight | 2:43
Overstuffed, yet undercooked | 3:39
Dammit to Hell | 4:37