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Donald Trump is at Buckingham Palace for lunch with the Queen, Prince Charles, Prince Harry and other senior royals today as Britain rolled out the red carpet for the leader of the free world. Mr Trump and his wife Melania landed at Her Majesty's central London home while his visibly excited daughter Ivanka peered from a window to watch thousands gathered outside in the early summer sunshine. At 9am he landed in London for his long-awaited state visit and his first act on British soil was to launch a Twitter assault on Sadiq Khan calling the London Mayor 'dumb', 'nasty' and 'a stone cold loser'. The President eviscerated Mr Khan on social media as Air Force One landed at Stansted Airport this morning saying he has 'done a terrible job as Mayor of London' and 'should focus on crime in London, not me'. Mr Trump had already weighed in on Brexit, the Tory leadership battle and his security concerns over Huawei as he took off from America and used his arrival in the UK to vent his fury over Mr Khan's description of him as a '21st century fascist'. He ridiculed 5ft 6ins Mr Khan for being 'short' and compared him to 6ft 5ins New York counterpart Bill de Blasio saying: 'Khan reminds me very much of our very dumb and incompetent Mayor of NYC, de Blasio - who has also done a terrible job'.

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Ann Young
Outstanding. Prince Charles is so debonair. Love to UK from America 🇺🇸
xxx xxx
There’s Charles, the old “el tamponino” himself.
Frank Mata
Shame on them two for leaving thier woman to walk behind.I would have my wife next to me holding hands.
Daniel Jones
Why is that war coward here and why are his vermin lazy parasite kids with him ??
What a shame that it's not Princess Diana walking down those steps to greet the Greatest US president since Washington!
Hana Ayo Alemayehu
England the Queen and all the world think Ivanka is an Ass, her father a filthy Pig and Melania a glorified THOT.
Kerry Weston
Make UK Great Again - FIRE the crooked mayor of London, Sadiq Khan.
mongo mongo
Charlie I would like to be your tampon to the first lady,
mongo mongo
how did they get that over to uk
Svsca 2020
Wish the helicopter blew up :)
Don't you just love the YANKS.
Lord Fawkes Von Proudhon
Mahesh Silva
The eagle has landed
Michelle A
Disgraceful the way he has been treated by Khan, London Mayor. We the people of Great Britain salute you Mr President.
Neil Carter
The legend has landed.....stay over Potus and sort Islamic Britain out...
Greg John Watchman
Not sure royal protocol was followed there 🤔
Baraka Hagatanga
Make UK great again
What happened to moral fibre.
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President Donald Trump Air Force Donald Trump UK visit: Marine 2 days ago   08:06

US President Donald Trump arrived at London Stansted Airport aboard Air Force One, for a 3 day UK State visit on 3 June 2019.
London Stansted has played host to the Boeing VC-25A a number of times, indeed this is the second such visit by Mr Trump, following his previous working visit in July 2018. The presidential arrival was aboard Boeing VC-25A 02-29000 and was preceeded by a Boeing C32A 09-0015 with two VH3D Sea King's and 3 C47 Chinooks arriving earlier in the morning.

The President arrived at Stansted whilst all other aircraft traffic ceased, he disembarked Air Force One and boarded a seaking, earning it the title "Marine One"; the helicopters then all flew to London in formation with the callsign "Nighthawk 3 formation".

Trump is meeting with The Queen and out-going Prime Minister Theresa May as well as taking part in commemorations for the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings. As with his previous visit, this visit has attracted a lot of criticism, as a result of his politics and policies. Demonstrations and protests have been arranged to accompany this state visit.

As I noted on my previous video of July 2018, as incredibly important as the politics and policies are concerned, this video is about capturing the rare and interesting spectacle of the arrival of the president entourage, not the political event or the personalities involved.

The video captures the arrival of the helicopter formation, the C32A (B757) and Air Force One VC25 (747) and the departure of the Seakings sadly there were no Boeing MV22 Osprey's this time but eurocopters of the UK Police again add to the array of aircraft.

As always, I hope you enjoy watching this spectacle. London Stansted Airport has played host to a number of visits by Air Force One.

This video features
09-0015 Boeing C32
02-9000 Boeing VC25A Air Force One
159350 VH3 Sea King US Marines
159356 VH3 Sea King US Marines
15-08467 Boeing C47 Chinook US Army
16-08199 Boeing C47 Chinook US Army
16-08198 Boeing C47 Chinook US Army