Avengers: Endgame Trailer: Every AVENGERS: END GAME TOP 10 PREDICTIONS 1 day ago   10:58

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Did you spot these awesome Easter eggs in the new trailer for #Marvel’s #AvengersEndgame? This video breaks them all down — and gives you our theory about the film’s timeline!

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Written, hosted, and edited by Ryan Arey. (http://twitter.com/ryanarey/)

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Who should be the Avengers' next villain?
they will take invinity stones from thanos to re-snap soo everybody could apear again.....and made black widow and other woman boobs and their ass bigger.
lessur dgreat
damn. i think the russo's didnt give scenes in the trailer because of you 😄😄😄😄
Azahar Lionhart
the reason why I click this video is not that i want to watch it. It's because I want to comment on the thumbnail. YOUR THUMBNAIL IS RETARDED! WHY DID YOU CIRCLE AT NOTHING??
Jr N
How is that recording of Ant Man in 1983?
Nate Wilkes
That is a different city.
Tom Newton
Just puts a red circle around nothing in particular in the thumbnail
Downvoted because i hate this new trend of analyzing everything.
JJ Exztris
There's literally nothing in the thumbnail lol
Bucky's hut in Wakanda didn't have an ocean anywhere near it. A pond, but not an ocean with cliffs. Whatever that shot of Rocket in the doorway is, it isn't Bucky's hut.
Love ya
The thumbnail is LITERALLY pointing at NOTHING
Mr. Scarlo
What do you mean exactly by ‘stabilising’ Scott?
Arianna Gamboa
I think Captain America is going to sacrifice his life to save everyone
: Marcquess :
The THANOS snap made half of hawk's hair disappear
Everyone dies/post credit scene *THE END*
Kenzie M
Nebula was with them walking so I swear to god tony better get a happy ending.
Edward Ness
God of War, Back to the Future... my guess, there will be time jumps where stock footage from the past is playing in the background with the present day cast in the foreground, like present day marty trying to save past himself currently playing guitar on stage, or Kratos fighting on that giant sword in miniature while past Kratos fights Ares in the background, time is about to get fucky...
Paul Moitoso
Hey Cap' aren't you supposed to be dead? Idk I haven't watched Infinity War to know everyone that gets killed off.
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AVENGERS: END GAME TOP 10 PREDICTIONS Avengers: Endgame Trailer: Every 1 day ago   19:53

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