Skip and Shannon: Out of bounds for Russell Skip Bayless: Out of bounds for Russell 2 days ago   10:49

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Shannon you are absolutely right. Check this out:
Russ better be putting his shoes on if I was the guy he spoke to.
man i wish we had video of what was really said. they both look like they are lying to me. look how they are both blinking and looking sheepish. its like a kid when you catch em lying
russell westbrook is the new smollett
Leg Man
This is the result and it is 1000% awesome: The Utah Jazz released an official statement on Twitter confirming that Shane Keisel has been banned from Utah Jazz games for life.
The Jazz said that the reason for the ban is Keisel’s actions qualified as “excessive and derogatory verbal abuse.”
Keecho The masked Man from Texas
Who could tell what anyone said with all that noise. Westbrook surely thought the guy said something like get on your knees. I'm thinking he said your dog has fleas. Or I like Japanese. Do you want one of these? For all the trash talking that goes on between the players it seems like Westbrook has some thin skin when a fan says something to him. To me it wasn't much on either side, but threatening women isn't good. Move on no issue here.
I want to here what other fans saw and heard. Other eyewitnesses. Russell Westbrook has never been into trouble. A clean player, nobody has had any complaints about him. But just from this it send like trash talking went overboard. I want to here from the other fans that was around and the usher and anyone else. No I do not think that Westbrook would hit a woman.
Malcolm Steward
Thank you shannon fucking well right man before anything
What about Reggie Miller/ Spike Lee?
Sae Soo
can skip talk really will you put your life on that ok then fk skip
After investigating the incident, it sure is comforting to see the Jazz org ban the fan and hold him accountable. Fans better stop thinking they can just come to games and verbally assault players. These folks better learn from the Malice at the Palace. Pro athletes like Russ aren't to be messed with, 100% testosterone and adrenaline in a dynamite, compact physical pkg. Step up to get KO'd in 2 secs.
Reminds me of the malice At The Palace when the fan goes to the court to throw a punch...then he looks up and sees how tall Jermaine O’Neal Was.....
Jack Burton
And yes the Eagles are definitely the team ro best in the East this year. If Carson is 100% healthy the Eagles are the team to beat in the NFL not just the division. Don't forget how many injuries they had and New Orleans still had to get lucky at home to beat them. I'm positive they would have beat the Rams the next week and played the Patriots much tougher even with practice squad players starting the game than the Rams did. Remember Carson before he got hurt in 2017 and expect him to be better than that this year. This guy is the future.
Jack Burton
Westbrook acted like a fool when he should have been a professional but nobody got hurt. I think he should have told the media what was said was between he and the fan and that he apologizes for not keeping his cool. I think he's completely full of shit and would have done better to not talk about it than to lie.
No1 No1
Shannon is the voice of reason --- for white folks who don't understand Black folks --- just listen to SS explain the situation, and you can't help but understand it . . . everytime he seems to have his finger on the pulse of the craziness that is the topic of the day. So just listen!
Top Men
The guy is a fat redneck. I would only assume he's a racist douchebag. Then you hear what he tweets. Yep, fat redneck racist douchebag would be correct.
Russ should of went all Rodman or Artest on the racist scum and broke his damn nose that would of sent a message to them.
allahu Akbar
I thought he was calling him a faggot like get on your knees and suck dick. But idk maybe its a different level of racism in utah
Jared Jaredsen
If you heard that Russell Westbrook was attacked by another racist in Utah the other night and the first thought you had was along the lines of “That’s just how those white folk will do ya” (a quote from Barack Obama in his autobiography) or “Typical racism from all those MAGA Mormons out there”, you are racist and bigoted. It’s not all your fault you probably had that thought out of ignorance. Unfortunately, those responsible for informing you at ESPN and other Media are misinforming you and inserting their bigoted and racist opinions as fact. So, before the entire state of Utah is placed on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s hate map here are some facts to help you be less racist and bigoted about Utah next time the Media tells you their version of the story.

The vast majority of us white folks in Utah today would actually be in Missouri if the Governor in the late 1830s didn’t order our ancestor’s property seized and/or lives “exterminated” if they didn’t leave the state. Among other things the Governor and the other racist Democrats most feared the Mormons voting in one large block to abolish the slavery of blacks in Missouri a border state. In other words, the offspring of the geographically isolated Utah white folks are probably among the least racist humans on Earth. They found it preferable to scratch a living out of the mountain rocks and desert with the Indians than live with racists and bigots back East. Also, keep in mind Westbrook plays for Oklahoma City. Does he or anyone really want to argue that Oklahoma is cool with blacks playing basketball but Utah is not?

Utah is majority Mormon, white, Conservative, and Republican. Unless you look at one area which is the least Mormon, least white, most Progressive and Democrat, that being Salt Lake City. Common sense tells us that most Jazz fanatics who have expensive season tickets sitting down near the court exchanging insults with Westbrook are most likely to come from Salt Lake City metropolitan area. In other words, the type of people the SPLC, ESPN and the rest of the Media would consider not racist, not sexist, not homophobe, not tansphobe, not islamaphobe, insert any trendy new “phobe” here.

So if all you do is look at the crowd and see majority white faces and believe they are a bunch of racists, you are racist. If the fact that the crowd is mostly Mormon so you think they are racist, you are being a bigot. Stop judging and labeling an entire race of humans based on the color of their skin or because of the actions of a tiny number of that race. Stop labeling an entire religion as racist without any evidence or because of the actions of a tiny number of that religion. 

Stop saying the word Utah at all when you talk about Westbrook vs Jazz fans because it has nothing to do with this state or it’s culture. And most importantly, start wishing Westbrook has a catastrophic injury and tears his groin muscle away from the bone and is out for the rest of the year so we don’t have to listen to him whine about how some slob fan called him a naughty word when the Thunder lose to the Jazz in the first round of the playoffs.

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Skip Bayless: Out of bounds for Russell Skip and Shannon: Out of bounds for Russell 2 days ago   11:47

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