[TOP10] Most Viewed Korean Best of Faded - The Voice Kids 1 week ago   04:18

These are the 10 most watched Korean Drama OST music videos on Youtube as of February 15th, 2018. They're basically the Most Popular Korean Drama OST Music Videos of All Time!

*Another songs in the video*
Begin: https://ai-tube.com/videoai/Qf9KGePeeXV
End: https://ai-tube.com/videoai/Gd4S-BZXJcp
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Woooh 😇
D.O.T.S is everywhere 💜💜💜
aryanababy23 E
Descendant of the Sun is the best. All of their songs are on my playlist 😍😍😍 son inlove with this Korean drama
여신_Kidon Balacay
Descendants of the Sun💖💖💖 i miss this dramaaaaa huhuhuhu
Saskia Ivana
Exo the best❤❤
ana nya
EXO(my kings) I'm so proud of u guys.THE KING OF OST
Exo is the bestt everr.Love u guys soo muchh .#proudexol
nutnucha pengduang
for you ost moon lovers now is 45,434,484
Pi Ci Quai
Martin Angelo Badeo
Almsost all EXO 💕
Martin Angelo Badeo
Martin Angelo Badeo
Power of EXO and EXOLs
King of ost😍
DOTS and goblin is my fav drama
Keerthi Shetty
That's the power of EXO vocals ! 😍😍 Love E-X-O forever .
eme lut
my favorite drama (DOTS) + my favorite people (EXO) = me crying for too much gratitude 💜😭
Mhayano A odyuo
EXO peps 😍
EXO is hot like wasabi
EXO I miss you and I m so proud of you boys .. hope you achieve the world
Defne Bellur
Fall for EXO - king of humble
My fav Drama, my fav couple.. DOTS & Song-song couple... And my fav group...
Chen vs Chanyeol ... Another EXO vs EXO ... King indeed. I'm proud and feel Bless to be EXO-L...
Bless me
Sinead Capapas
EXO X DOTS both have 5 entries 😱

PS: I'm not a fan of EXO, I don't even know their fandom name but I can say they have great vocals, well, as expected from SM artist ☺
Hihi Xii
EXO ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Sushie Sef
Can't help but envy Punch who has a pretty face and a beautiful voice enough to harmonize us all and be able to make the perfect harmony with Chen and Chanyeol.
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Best of Faded - The Voice Kids [TOP10] Most Viewed Korean 1 week ago   05:36

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