The scariest moment of my life! Living Goodbye Maia: The OG Pitbull Who Started 5 months ago   02:24


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Ben Wui
Elephants in the room.
GottemCoach TV
Y was hulk licking his ass
MsE Phillips
These are some big dogs
They are shown some much love from their human friends.
What an blessing it must be.
I don't think I would have the gusts to be side by side with a huge dog that big.
Even though they don't look aggressive, however playful. I would still be afraid. They are huge.
Clive Nyathi
1:27 the bark don't match the dog
Lori J. Pilkinton
my dog could fart and gas them all down 😜
The only thing dangerous about them is their tails, those hurt I can tell ya 😂😂😂
Darrell Robinson
First let me say my phone is in my son's name this is my way of keeping him alive I don't know who you are served with them two dogs but you know you ain't supposed to let two pitbulls play fight okay and I hope that you continue to keep taking care of them that makes me happy when I see an animal people with animals and they taking care of them that makes me happy okay so you keep taking care of your animals but don't be being mean to him on the sly okay I'm watching All right I don't like people to misuse animals I ain't saying you miss using them but don't let me catch you being mean okay. Get him some toys get them some toys to play with and before you go there I had a pitbull but she died and she was gentle so I know what I'm talking about you need to give them some toys so they won't always try to play fight with each other
sigfredo castillo
No se quien es más loco el dueño o los perros ,dejate de joder .
Mark a. Leech
You pajama wearing pansy!
Johnazia Davis
I love pit bulls 😩❤️. Y’all think they are mean and hurt people but the only pit bulls that do that are the ones who weren’t or aren’t loved like they should or have been abandoned and treated wrong. It’s because of the humans.
Pablo Andres
Pleasant surprise!!!
Coffee Bean
I love how they are fierce yet love some playtime
Enzo Anania
Just Sayin
I hope I don't one day read about you having been eaten by those dogs. And, you should never have cropped their ears or their tails. It's not necessary. It's painful for the dogs, and cruel.
Poor dogs
Melanie Pelagio
I love ur dogs they are so cute! 😂 I was raised with pitbulls so i understand why that'd be scary 😬
Fikret Nart
Blk Inx
Pitbulls can't realize their size and strength that's why they are hella cute
Caz gstah
Love love.. How can I get one of these??
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Goodbye Maia: The OG Pitbull Who Started The scariest moment of my life! Living 5 months ago   13:56

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