1000 MPH Scale speed Slot The most realistic NASCAR 1:32 5 months ago   07:30

Maybe Agent Orange in Vietnam caused my regression, but besides my prediction for best commercial this year, this video was made just for fun.
Fast slot cars, (1000 Scale MPH claimed) on board video cam, and vertical racing make this video pretty action packed.
The slot car racing set was a closeout at Lewis Drug stores and made by LL Racing, a division of William K. Walthers, Inc. The 18g FPV camera is from NitroPlanes and Frankie the Fish is from Gemmy industries Corp, which I bought at ShopKo and all the Filet of Fishes from McDonalds.
Notice the car has an M on it too. LOL

Thanks for watching.
Dave Herbert
AMA # 8221,

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John Orabone
Paul Hadfield
Tony Romano
Fun fun
Tony Romano
Wow RC in tact! Impressive. Mine are all boxes of parts.
Evan Duty
Pretty rad man. Love to see a g-meter!
· doubleplusgood · ʞɐǝdsʞɔnp ·
"NASCAR" - only in America.
Frank esposito
They only go 100
lovepres TRUMP
The inside track you can really hang the turns good I had ho tracks when I was a kid I'm thinking now I'm thinking about getting a set lol
lovepres TRUMP
I remember the big cars back in the 60s it was awesome my mother used to work at one of those places and we used to be able to play with them for free it was cool
Raddaddy watanen
The usual conception is that you get the scale speedby multiplying the real speed with scale. Thatis not so...Scale speed is multiplying real speed with square root of scale: These are 1:87 HO cars. real speed propably 15 miles per hour and square root of 87 is about 9 so "scale speed is here 135 miles per hour. Do you really think these cars go over a speed of sound ?? hehe..
Goldenfreddy 1265
This was my 2nd birthday
Kevin Durham
If you have Vertigo, don't watch this.
they go at least 1000mph.... i used to have the daytona 500 edition....
P.A. Lopez
Give me back that filet O fish
Zachary Wolfe
I think you added one too many zeros
Tony Hawk
I see your sign Veitnam survivor 🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷✌
Is it just me or did the honking by sound affect sound like fortnite?!?!
Vlad Rax12
That's not 1000 mph
Jayden Krueger
1000 mph isnt possible
i guess they are fast but not 1000 mph
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The most realistic NASCAR 1:32 1000 MPH Scale speed Slot 5 months ago   09:49

Video made in St-Hubert,Pq,Canada, scalextric , carrera, scx, slot-it cars. All handmade diorama, building, wood track . and figures. 5 years of work every night.