What Happens If You Don't Cooperate Teacher's refusal to identify herself 1 day ago   04:50

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David Loy, the legal director of the American Civil Liberties Union in San Diego and Imperial Counties, talks to KPBS about whether you have to answer border patrol agents when they ask you questions at the border.

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Jane Stewart
Reasonable articulate suspicion or reasonable probable cause.
Jane Stewart
If it's not a big deal, why are detaining and threatening, assaulting people?
ed trine
A border check point is at the border!
Gary Jensen
I am glad that the Border Patrol checks! I have been checked, it is no big deal, unless you have something to hide.
Spartan 324 Airsoft
Out lived their purpose.....so we dont have illegal aliens amongst us...living and driving around costing us money every year?

No you dont have to answer any questions, and by all means stand up for your rights as human bei ng s and u.s. citizens

But when we no longer have immigration issues and not just from south of the border then you can say border patrol has outlived their usefulness
George Hathcoat
Gestapo tactics
Bob Woods
Again, we are not required to answer any questions. Why do they never show illegals and Muslim extremists being detained?
Is it true that Obama gave out cultural diversity fast passes? Should we be concerned?
John Joseph Fontaine
Looks like a lot of fun,if you want to be beaten up, just to prove a point 🤗
phillip krikorian
well once you say A.C.L.U. that just the 21 century new word for member of the communist party
ML Nags
If you don't answer you can't come in!
I took several of my fellow workers to my condo in Mexico. On the way back at both the checkpoints we were asked if we were citizens. I said yes and very quickly at the first checkpoint my coworkers had their passports out as 2 we're Canadian and 1 Indian. They knew the rules and spoke up quickly. Oh the freedoms we take for granted. Try not answering in a foreign country. You can show THEM too.
John Stover
I appreciate what he is saying, but too often he says, "I think...." or "I believe...." That doesn't hold up in court.
Steve Goldsmith
A Citizen is one of a state. If you were born in America you are an American you are not a citizen. I do not have any papers in my name stating that I am a citizen. My wife has papers stating she is a citizen since she applied for citizenship.
So, the border patrol needs to stop using the word citizen since they are forcing Americans to lie to them by stating they are a citizen. They are Federal Agents and it against the law to lie to Federal Agents but, the Border Patrol is demanding that one states they are a citizen. I refuse to state that I am a citizen, I always state that I am an American. I will not be forced to lie to a Federal Agent. This whole citizen bull-shit is a scam and once all of us state up for our legal rights, they will learn the laws of the land.
I was born in America and I am an American. My passport reads American and does not read citizen.
Look at it another way. Since my wife is a citizen and came from another country and granted citizenship, if she was to spy on America our Government would lock her up for 20 years and take away her citizenship and deport her to her home country. On the other hand if I spy and do 20 years where is the Government going to deport me to since I am not a citizen? I was born in America.
At the border check points they should ask both questions of which are:
1. Are you an American? Not lying to a Federal Agent
2. Are you a Citizen? Lying to a Federal Agent if I was born in America.
Peter Rod
perfect example if you don't use them you will loose them, is in the police department people let cops abuse their power by doing illegal search, illegal stop, illegal arrest the list goes on. when you do question a cop on your rights the consequences are bad. a beat down is guarantee. so citizens began to give away their rights, now we have a video camera aka the career destroyer now we want our rights back and the cops don't know how to handle that.
Marylinda Lefranc
He's from the ACLU, he will never agree with law enforcement
Sherloid Bai
Ok he keeps saying "in my view" but what is the law, your view could differ from the interpretation of the law?
John McDiarmid
Tell the tyrants your a citizen of N America.
John Johansen
Aside from the fact that these checkpoints are an unnecessary inhibition on travel within the borders of the country, the question that they ask is ridiculous. That is, anyone can say that he/she is "an American" without any proof, and the agents usually don't ask for any. What good is a system that can be so easily circumvented with a simple lie that is rarely challenged? English-speaking foreigners, especially Canadians, can avoid be hassled simply by lying about their citizenship, and the border patrol probably won't catch them. So, it then boils down to racial profiling. They will only challenge people who don't look or sound "American". That's not how things should work.
In my view people have become stupid. Whether we like it or not, these are not they same time, and actually they never were. People complain about sobriety check points, but boy do they cry when a drunk plows into them, killing one or more of their loved ones. The same goes for immigration check point. You'd think they drag you out of your car and interrogate you under a hot lamp, when normally it's a simple question, you answer and are on your way. These rules have been established for a good reason, but you're more interested in your right to privacy than common safty, that is until you or yours fall victims, and that isn't the case only with the check point. Just think of the people that were butchered in San Bernardino by that couple and the fact that someone dropped the ball when vetting the woman. Strangely no one has been held accountable for that. How many people died at that office party?
Gordon Woodroffe
terrorism happens if you don't answer !
"Non intrusive canine sniffs"? What? Lets be honest, It's all intrusive.
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Teacher's refusal to identify herself What Happens If You Don't Cooperate 1 day ago   03:16

Cell phone video of a confrontation at a border patrol checkpoint is stirring up new controversy in the immigration debate. A California teacher was detained after she refused to say if she was a U.S. citizen at a checkpoint in New Mexico about 35 miles from the border. The video has many wondering if she was within her rights or had an obligation to comply. Mireya Villarreal reports.

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