N64 Mini Nintendo Switch Dock Building the GameCube Classic Edition 1 day ago   07:02

Kevin Kenson
A cool new Nintendo Switch accessory: the RetroN S64 dock from Hyperkin!


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Kevin Kenson
Here's the Joy Con shell replacement we used: https://amzn.to/2XbJr66
Raymond Whitten
Would have been better if it was full size and had working 4 n64 and 4 ngc and 2 nes and 2 snes ports
Aman Abraham
Has anybody seen the subtitles it has nothing to do with the video, and it’s kinda creepy
9latinum Studioz
I Have the jungle green 64 🤑
Can this brick the switch?
semma habeeb
I just realised why you always where your Beenie
semma habeeb
I just realised why you always where your Beenie
vitaminC [Cannabis Culture]
what if i want the ice blue dock?
Hal J Smokes
Randy Flores
Would prefer the ice blue or atomic purple :( green is cool o guess but options man
That fucking jungle green gets me right in the feels of my dk 64 edition concle
Yorri Amo
I still have my N64 and it works just fine!!! Never selling, it’s my first console ever ❤️❤️❤️
Ian Saucer-Zeoli
Do you still use that as your go to travel dock?
This is a mastah piece
Jose Di Franco
Since i dont have money to have the switch, i accept seeing this awesome videos of tour channel
So cool and would be cooler if it had the N64 logo on the front like the actual Nintendo 64

Also be cool if you could change not only the joycons, but the Switch body to the same translucent jungle green color :)
Peter Figueroa
This seems pointless, and stupid.
FreeplayCloudPlay Ex
Dude you talk to much, we here too see the device, this is not a school class. Or no history channel.
Jasman Bains
Are their problems now
Digital Bath
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Building the GameCube Classic Edition N64 Mini Nintendo Switch Dock 1 day ago   06:43

Could Nintendo really make a GameCube Classic Edition system? In this video, I'll try to answer that question by building one myself! Check out this fun GameCube mini console tutorial. Thanks for watching!

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