N64 Mini Nintendo Switch Dock The First Things to do with your 1 day ago   07:02

Kevin Kenson
A cool new Nintendo Switch accessory: the RetroN S64 dock from Hyperkin!


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Kevin Kenson
Here's the Joy Con shell replacement we used: https://amzn.to/2XbJr66
So cool and would be cooler if it had the N64 logo on the front like the actual Nintendo 64

Also be cool if you could change not only the joycons, but the Switch body to the same translucent jungle green color :)
Peter Figueroa
This seems pointless, and stupid.
FreeplayCloudPlay Ex
Dude you talk to much, we here too see the device, this is not a school class. Or no history channel.
Jasman Bains
Are their problems now
Digital Bath
Christian Wade
it seems block the intake fan
The n64 dock is not available as of today. Hyperkin doesn't list it as sold out. Just not available at this time. 🤷🏾‍♂️
Nintendo Ultimate Gamer
Da hell is up with the subtitles? Are they for a different video?
Finna Nut
I have a fat pp
Andrea Carta
He is probly the best Nintendo youtuber
The feature-removed switch is supposed to be a budget option. You don't understand manufacturing do you? They WILL not release the budget switch in different colors.
Why don' t sell they an empty Dock where i can put the Original Dock board in this wehre esayer and the Problem with bricked Switches are done because the Original Board is used..
The jungle green 64 was easily one of my favorite consoles just because of it's looks it was my first introduction into 64 after I was already playing Dreamcast also another one of my favorites to this day.
Alex Rivas
So we gonna just going to throw sega down the toilet😂😂
The Lair of Blair
aaannd its out of stock..
Epic Sax Guy
This looks like an awesome dock, but I don’t want to get it due to all the issues with 3rd party Switch docks. I hope there’s eventually a solution to this.
Imaginary Armageton
Subtitles are broken
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The First Things to do with your N64 Mini Nintendo Switch Dock 1 day ago   06:15

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