We Replaced The Burnt Huracan Frame!! Here's Why the Lamborghini Huracan Performante 2 days ago   15:53

B is for Build
In today's episode we're cutting out the bad burnt frame and replacing it with a fresh new one.
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json langton
Mike Green
It’s hard to tell with the video in fast motion, but make sure you PUSH your weld with aluminum spool gun. Better penetration and less black soot/contamination
Varga Márk
B is for bible and bionicles
B is for shitty welds
أبوعلي الجهني
God bless
Rick Da Division Grampa
Maybe here? http://www.manualgigs.com/manuals/lamborghini/2015-lamborghini-huracan-lp610-4-wiring-diagram.html
Clifford Keele
It looks like a fun build, and I'm excited to see how it goes.

Quick comment as you were pointing to the valves.

The Intake valve is almost always larger (or the same size) as the Exhaust valve. I.E. You got the IDs backwards.

Because the Exhaust valve usually is a little hotter, I believe they have a bit of a crusty look, while the intake valves may have a more carboned look.
orlando sheko
Song name at 12:35
Justine Theobald
Still think you should use a proper jig for this kind of work.
Andrew Beach
Your my hero truly I do side work on cars but your out of the box b is for build has revamped me love this Chanel love you bro keep kicking ass
Mr Y
Can you give details on carbon fiber body parts? I want to do myself carbon fiber z4 gt3 body kit but im beginner on carbon fiber. Im trying to understand how to do complex parts like front bumper. It would be great if you upload carbon fiber tutorial
White Thunder
Would you still need a frame machine to check whether you guys were spot on?
Robert Aziz
Boy oh boy i thought the GTR OR THE GREEN LAMBO was gonna get you into the millions! I was wrong now this build is gonna get you into the millions !!! So exciting!!!!👌💯
Asher Cl
you'll have to pay for it, but it is all available here:

kucki tea
Ok so I want to make my PREDICTION for this build!!

Chris will morph cheap widebody arches with the stock body when he makes the mould for the carbon fiber, leaving him with OEM style CARBON FIBER WIDEBODY! With a big wide CF wing! I think he will finish it with a high gloss clear finish and he will add electric blue and lime green accent lines/pieces!! this is just my prediction but I think it would be cool! 😂 Imagine a widebody CF hurrican with no bolts for the arches! you could sell the moulds for thousands 😂
...... wait wait... hes LS swapping a Lamborghini... is this real like right now??!
I wouldve just said fuck it and tubed the rear end
I'm not sure Why
It would’ve been better if you used a 4 rotor than an LS. Could’ve been something amazing.
Patrick McCarron
Love the build idea, but I'd like to see you work on the Camero paint and mods now that you're in a real shop..... .. kinda
Dude stop being too cool for safety glasses. You're gonna get a piece of fucking metal right in your eye and be that D is for Dickhead.
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Here's Why the Lamborghini Huracan Performante We Replaced The Burnt Huracan Frame!! 2 days ago   26:23

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