The Sensation of Sight Movie Trailer 8 Things You Didn't Know About 5 months ago   02:45

i edited this trailer for my demo. it's an amazing movie. everyone should go see it when it comes out in theaters, which i think will be coming out in NYC soon.

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Kirsti Swanson
TVD fans are screaming because Elijah & Damon are in this
This trailer has both Modest Mouse and Sufjan Stevens :))) Happy.
Ian, Daniel, and Scott?! Why have I not found this sooner?
Ironically, the guy in the beginning of the trailer that says, "you teach English man," is my English professor haha. 
Solly Jason
not care about the movie just watch it for ian 
That was filmed in my town
Ian.... I love Ian!
i can't get enough ian somerhalder from this movie:DDD
Ian and Daniel!.......Damon and Elijah!!!!!!
i have memories in almost every spot this movie is filmed in... i miss you peterborough!
Joe Mazzello is just so awesome x3
An Ne
Ian ist the best.I love him
que onda con el tipo de traje negro? es una alucinacion o que?
Mary Taylor
It has David Stratharin in it!!! Of corse it will be good :D
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8 Things You Didn't Know About The Sensation of Sight Movie Trailer 5 months ago   05:51

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