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I hear Eric Thomas' voice too!
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Your Legacy lives on Less Brown Jim Brown Tony and my people in the comments
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At 60 this is just a great inspiration to the next chapter of my life great help!!!!
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Les brown £ Jim. Two different approaches to coaching. Cants be compared
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Fully motivated... Tq I will hear u r video at least once a day.....
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Forgot how extraordinary Mr Jim rohn is....
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I'm interested in going to Whatsapp groups that talk about NLP, my number 5588996041593
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thank you for this compilation best advice, and questions from all 3 mentors ❤️💪🏼
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#PricelessMentors 💯
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So Inspiring!! I AM Loving Me!
I deserve it! I AM performing at a level 10!!!!! Love and Light!!
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Eric Thomas, not Les Brown👌🏼
Great audio track
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Great motivational speech!!!! ❤️
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As good of truth as there is... bravo mr les brown... thanks for this video peoples 🙏🏼
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❤ Jim Rohn
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Gracias Dios mio santo por todo!.Todo.
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That's not les brown
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So true!
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Tony Robbins: Simple Steps Tony Robbins & Jim Rohn, Les Brown: 2 days ago   29:07

1. Find your WHY behind your goal
The first step to ensuring you actually stick to your goals is making sure this goal is ultimately what YOU want. A lot of the time we think we want to be, have or do a certain thing but really it’s just someone else’s goal that sounds good or it’s societies way of conditioning us.

Let me explain, you may think that having the goal to move up in rank for the company you work at is a great goal, however, you actually visualize yourself opening your own business doing something completely different. You will never do what it takes to reach the goal of CEO in the company you currently work for if that position is not what you truly want in life.

Goals set from your WHY are extremely powerful. Your WHY is that emotion and reasoning deep down that forces you to persevere in adversity. You will often find yourself overcoming obstacles with ease and continually having the inspiration to move forward if your goal comes from a place of an absolute burning desire.

2. Take each day as it comes and focus on what you can do NOW
Start living in the NOW. Focus all your efforts on what you can do to reach your goal today, instead of thinking about all the work and time you need to invest in the future.

For example, if your goal is around fitness – push yourself 110% during todays workout. Be present in the gym right now and stop thinking about the workouts left in this week and begin taking it easy thinking you will put more effort in tomorrow. Do that extra set, run that extra mile and lift that little bit more TODAY.

If your goal is work related – do that little bit more TODAY that most wouldn’t. Make 10 extra sales calls, complete those last 2 tasks on your ‘to do list’, start that project you keep putting off you know you have to do.

3. Split your goal into bite sized chunks
You know what your overall goal is, now break it down into smaller, more manageable sized tasks. Often we become overwhelmed by the enormity of our goal and it paralyses us from taking any progressive action.
The solution to this self sabotage is to set smaller, more achievable goals that lead you in the direction of your desired outcome.