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Asia Pracz Art & Photography
Photos: Asia Pracz Photography
Photos taken during my trip to Egypt in May 2011. I wanted to introduce you to those fascinating people... :)

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Belinda Carina Boco
Wow Egypt..
Harshad Pathak
Feelings .......
like living in India..।।
Boshra Shalaby
اللي بيسافر ألمانيا في بعثة الداد والبحث العلمي بيضطر ياخد سكن في الأرياف علشان يستطيع يصرف على الجماعه
Mohammed Raja
Nice eee...
Nadia Adam
I like Egypt country so beautiful
Nadia Adam
I love it
Antoinette St Clair-Winston
Sounds like Sita music??....if I'm correct why play a style that does not depict the music of the country definitely detracted from the video content.
Oye hello it's entertainment
mostly egypt people is very very bad nature mostly like Muslim.
I am Muslim but I have don't like egypt Muslim. because egypt Muslim only name of Muslim don't have practice of Islam and also don't have a justice nature and humanity .
Oye hello it's entertainment
I don't like egypt Muslim but egypt Muslim don't have heart for humanity.
Christian people is very good live in Egypt
Elisabetta Colombani
Egiziani schifosi di merda!!!!!
Ella Simpkins
Beautiful, thank you for sharing
Salma Abozied
Is it OK for Egyptian man to marry Armenian woman and would family accept?
Pradel Elien
I love it!!!
Pradel Elien
Pradel Elien
Allahu akbar, Lolll
فتاة مصرية
My home l love you
I live now in Saudi Arabia and I feel very sad cause I am away from Egypt
Steven Bailey
Nice! Unfortunately they do not let us, tourist roam around the villages without protection and yet, I was glad to get a glimpse in your everyday life. What I captured is in the second part of my video that you can see here:
rohan phanse
So similar to my country India
Dost Jan
yaa allah save our muslims brothers everywhere
Dost Jan
i love Egypt and egyptin peoples
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دقيقة من الريف المصري.. Egypt - everyday life 1 day ago   00:43

سافرت يوم للبلد واخدت اللقطات ديه :) اتمني تعجبكم