Jake Tapper sets record James Comey says Barr 2 days ago   10:23

CNN's Jake Tapper sets the record straight on President Donald Trump's claim that the Mueller report completely exonerated him. #Trump #Tapper #CNN #News

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Gary Rosie
That's my president.
Claudy TheArtist
Does this mean Subpoenas are no longer legally binding and all Americans can defy them or just those above the law...
Meadow Apple
The two sides of Jake Trapper. Mueller states that he did not find anything that would hold up in a court of law. I agree Jake. That does NOT mean that a crime was NOT committed. So lets look at Hilary. In July 2016 FBI director James Comey said that Hilary had done things that were quite improper. She actually broke a law punishable by up to 10 years in prison. BUT James Comey suggested to the DOJ that no criminal charges be brought because he, just like in the later Mueller report, did not believe that the FBI's findings would hold up in a COURT of law. The exact same type of situation but a Democrat and a Republican. So listen to what Jake had to say on Nov 6, 2016

No criminal acts took place. Jake you sorry ass liar. Comey never said no criminal acts took place only that he suggested that no CHARGES be filed. We now know that you were not honest but were helping (conspired with others and Lynch) Hilary and her campaign. The bias by Comey and others is shameful. Jake you are a co conspirator in this. LYING to protect Hilary. But because you are an entertainer you are not held responsible for your dribble. But maybe some day you will come clear and do the right tig for America. Until then I list you as a traitor in my book. Trying to insight riots! Trying to unseat a sitting president. Hopefully CNN gets shut down for subversive content. Freedom of speech is ok if you are being honest. But you sir are a liar!
Dwight Williams
The Vulgarian is NOT "exonerated".
No charges! Wtf are you talking about? If there was anything someone would have been charged. Plain crazy’s
Rob _
We are wasting so much time dealing with this. There are so many things that need to be focused on, and this is drowning any real issue. Who CARES about any of this? I will tell you who. The same people that hold up the traffic on the highway to look at a fender bender are the ones who care about this. We got shit to do. REPORT REAL NEWS, NOT SPECULATION, THEORIES, OR CRAP!!!
Michele Smith
Family of criminals, bloody revolting. They have no place in politics....or breathing.
I Design
Tapper. ...Clapper....Shiff....Stroke

Picked on kids grow up to be whiny little liberals.
Why is Trump Jr. a very good person? Trump says he works hard..at what? Killing endangered Animals in Africa? is that he work! Jail all Trumps now!
Telly Vin-a
trump is god's punishment for america not purging the racists, the hypocrites, and the greedy from the country
Nejamul Hoque
Don very surprised
Nejamul Hoque
I not crimes or criminal man I like like w.DC & like President D.trump's 100℅
Nejamul Hoque
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robert hicks
The president said the report cleared him of collusion.
dorian diddles
Since when is ignorance of the law innocence?
need free
So did Hillary Clinton. Yet you still chant lock her up !!
Randy Potter
The problem is that Jake Crapper is a lakey for his communist bosses.
Frank Luke
CNN is Fake garbage news
Smokey The Bear
LMAO!! CNN will NEVER set the record. Comedy News Network is the new SNL. Very comical.
Chris Murray
America, get your act together - Republican corruption is now going nuclear.
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James Comey says Barr Jake Tapper sets record 2 days ago   08:13

Former FBI Director James Comey's firing by President Trump led to Robert Mueller's appointment as special counsel. Comey joins "CBS This Morning" for his first TV interview since the Mueller report was released to the public. He says the Mueller report laid out evidence for a future prosecutor and for Congress. His memoir, "A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership," is now out in paperback.

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