No one knows there is a governor's election Meet Your New Governor: Phil 6 months ago   03:51

Why is everyone ignoring the race to replace Chris Christie? NJ Advance Media State House Reporter Claude Brodesser-Akner found out why no one is talking about the most important governor election in America (Video by Andre Malok and Claude Brodesser-Akner | NJ Advance Media for

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Mac Daddy
Future is a shame ....time to leave NJ , for Florida.
Thomas T
Rullo 2021
Corey Gray
Sad..just sad..
Robert Cece
WTH! I live in New Jersey and nobody announced we were having elections. Whoever governs next needs to legalize weed and use all the tax money to fix our shitty roads and education.
Chris Challender
So disappointing to see
The Official Elected Official
Closed primary = little enthusiasm plus Phil Murphy's purchasing of the Dem nomination illustrates that the people really have no power
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Meet Your New Governor: Phil No one knows there is a governor's election 6 months ago   01:21

Phil Murphy will become the first Democrat in the governor's office since Jon Corzine.