FIFA Women's World Cup | USA vs Thailand USA trump Brazil in classic thriller 2 days ago   08:45

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LaurikeG 24
Honestly the best moment of that entire game was Tobin nutmegging that poor Thai player😂😂
kikie Ann
Is the US practicing their scoring styles ? 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️
kikie Ann
The Thailand Goalkeeper completely gave up with no will to live or should say will yo play 😓
kikie Ann
This is a THRASHING 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️
Maryama Kenediid
That goal keeper what a shame
angela midia
Kennedy Mugeni
Did anyone notice that USA scored goals equal to Alex Morgan Jersey Number?
goal keeper come on . save the ball
Even on dream league soccer, it's hard for you to score 10+ goals against a division 3 team... shameful and catastrophic.
Oabona Lucy Ditshameko
wow Thailand 🙌really? this was a warm up match for USA😂
Erick lanson
alex morgan is a goodfinisher than Aubameyang
BiggEmmy Online
That's linesman not a goalkeeper. Lol
Daniel2020 Daniel
goalkeeper was in training not competitions 😂😂😂
Geoffrey Mureithi
Anyone who actually plays football would understand that the problem is with the defence. Dont blame the keeper, keepers are just the last result. Clearly look at the goals(eg Morgans 4th goal)
women's soccer is like men's soccer play without getting paid. lol
Haidr Booley
4:08 I could have saved that....I'm 11
The one lady clapping with the American flag didn’t look happy or impressed
Enkosi Mcelu
Thai players are ball watching, I am very embarrassed 😩😩
VLTE Beats
Thai goalkeeper so short though
Kipruto Christopher
That Thai defense is shambolic. USA Women should be taken to U21 men's competition!
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USA trump Brazil in classic thriller FIFA Women's World Cup | USA vs Thailand 2 days ago   04:28

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