Beautiful Jordan أردن Snow in Jordan December 2013 2 months ago   03:34

A clip about Jordan.

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Ali Salayta
حمى الله الاردن من كل سر
منوعات ريام القرعان
بلدي يا احلى بلد الله يحفظ الملك عبدالله ويحميلنا إياه ويخليه تاج فوق رؤوسنا يا رب
mohammed alattoum
nice jordan amman jarsh betra aquba wadi rum irbed
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Avi Avi
God bless and protect Jordan from all the negativity that exists. Jordan is a wonderful country with wonderful people. U.S loves Jordan.
Ed Camp
From Ohio we love Jordan a great country and AND IF i WASNT SCARED BEING IN A PLANE love to see jodan and israel both great loving counties in the Usa and England WE LOVE YOU!
Nawras N. Abu Karaki
:D :D 
Sheila Kaur
I only ever visited Amman, Jordan for business meeting (which was successful) but what stayed in my mind, was its striking beautiful cerulean blue skies. never before had I seen a shade of blue like that.  Then I saw the same cerulean skies in Perth, Australia and more recently in Singapore. May be its just me, cos no one else seems to notice.
jordan klimp
could someone please help me find my father he lives somewhere in Jordan
What a stunning place! I too, would like to know more about the singer and also a translation of the words into English. Is it on youtube at all and could you please direct us to it?
Murad Aldan
I am Palestinian back ground, and I only feel home when i am in Jordan surrounded by my culture and my people. we are all brothers.
mosaa mostafa
الاردن الحبيبه الي قلبي واحب المدن التي احب ان اقضي عطلتي الصيفيه فقد اتيت اليها من الامارات وحصلت على خصومات تصل لغاية 20% عن طريق الشركه السياحيه
Amer Jreisat
I agree on all of that , but u are not welcomed there again.
maschalla 3la Jordan balad Djamelaaaaa bezzaf inschalla ngi n7awes feha.

rawan abdeljaber
i know!!:(:(
i miss it :(
Fadi Ali
am jordanian and am living out of jordan,,i really miss jordan, i really miss home, am proud to be jordanian,,i love my jordan
It’s Leelu’s Life
I think you should definately visit with your family. My Husband too was born and raised in Amman, Jordan and we're planning soon to visit all our relatives there so they can finally meet our baby girl, Amera :) I can't wait to experience Jordan and its beauty.
bassam salim
طبعا كلامك %100 صحيح .كلامي عن الأردن في تعليق بسيط كان محدود جدا ولا يعني ابدا اني نسيت فضل
الاخوة العرب والمسلمين في السعوديه والكويت والإمارات
بارك الله فيكم جميعا وحفظكم وأبقاكم ذخرا للأمه العربيه والإسلاميه
eesha sbeitani
im from amman jordan ive never been there lived all my life in canada but i was born there and lived there for a year thanx for showing me how preaty it is :) i miss it to death the people, land and my relatives :)
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Snow in Jordan December 2013 Beautiful Jordan أردن 2 months ago   05:20

Snow In Jordan Dec-2013

This year I decided to make a Video instead of taking photos.
I hope you'll like it.