Iceberg Breaking - Amazing watch SAWYER GLACIER CALVING TURNS 1 day ago   04:32

cirillindo hawaiki
This video is about Iceberg Breaking - Amazing watch till the end!

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Siegrid Thomas
What pover!!!
Cactus Wren
The earth has been doing this for BILLIONS of years. Why are humans so arrogant to believe we cause it and so need to take "blame" for it and "do something" about it like pay a carbon tax penance so the rich globalists get lots richer? What are we supposed to do, get under the iceberg and hold it up?? It is called Interglacial warming and cooling. Spoiled the beautiful sights with propaganda. :((
stop pollution? i'm sure you travelled there on something that used fuel- and you're using a camera made form various plastic and metals, the byproducts of which are even worse than the fuel haha
which month? i wish i can see this when i travel to greenland
William TA
It is sad with the humans have done to the planet!
Roger Hornby
Just leave it alone once you get it focused.
Uncle Fester
Really nice blur job there. Amazing video, but distracting with all the focus issues and screwing around.
Potentially great video screwed up by being out of focus and occasional jerky camera movements.
I started grade school in the 60’s and graduated high school in the 70’s. We were taught the earth has gone through warm and cold cycles over millions of years. So what is abnormal?
mike schneider
and my 69 barracuda WILL KEEP POLLUTING the air while im smiling.
mike schneider
we cant do anything.............its earths natural course, not pollution
jiminy cricket
Don't worry. In Canada we have a feminist male for a prime minister who just drove up the price of gas up by ten cents a litre. That will fix everything. Just you watch. News flash kid. We're all doing something.
Either way, humanity will not survive in the last consequence.
T Man
Can`t do anything , 11.2 billion humans by 2100 .
Per Oskarsson
Do something? This process is natural and has been going on since the last Ice Age.
Walt Snow
First , you have to get DOLT Donnie out of our White house , ya know , ''climate change is a hoax by China'' , HOAX MY ASS !!!!!
Mark Felder
The polar icecaps have been melting and freezing since the time they formed. No human can do anything about it.
joe doe
you ask us to do something, well I am, I'm not traveling to the corners of the world to see things. people like blaming big corporations for global warming but don't blink twice about getting on a plane and flying around the world to stay at places built just for tourist that waste so many resources. cool video, but don't preach an environmental message when you are the ones wasting the resources just for pleasure.
jonny xx
I watched it with my feet.
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SAWYER GLACIER CALVING TURNS Iceberg Breaking - Amazing watch 1 day ago   01:26

Sawyer Glacier in Tracy Arm, Alaska calving nearly ends up deadly from flying ice and debris striking the boat. A few of the spectators sustained injuries from being hit with the flying ice. The incredible video. August, 2011