Gohan's Third Day Of High School!! Kid Gohan cuts the dinosaur tail 1 week ago   08:58

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pele manivanh
I would have let Videl DIE LIKE THE COCKY BRAT SHE IS
3:00 "i'll give her this, her pussy doesn't taste half bad"
When did Bulma join the stogs gang.
The two children of martial arts tournament champions had a kid. How'd Pan wind up sucking again?
love ur vid
gohan deep voiced is english yami yugi XD
Fly Boy
3:02..ᴳᴼᴴᴬᴺ " ᴰᴬᴹᴺ ᴴᴱᴿ ᴾᵁˢˢᵞ ˢᵀᴬᴺᴷ!"
Sans dab Bad time
What's the name of the music on the ending of the video
Fitrah Aditiya Hasan
its DBZ>?
Jamez 2101
Mikey \ savage
Back when i hated Videl.
3:00 Videl Put her Crotch on Gohan's Face, Love at first sight

6:55 "I seen her take Men Twice her Size"

Until she met Spopovich, He Beat that Ass So Bad, She sent her Ass Back to the Kitchen
Daniel Lopez
Seriously put your hands your back Hahahaha is this the abridged version??
Marche Love
Videl is so damn annoying 😭.
chuck cartier
Omg I forgot bulma does smoke cigarettes 🤦🏽‍♂️😂💀
Kwang min Lee
Now after so long of watching anime in japanese and that these episodes are edited it kinda remind of the abridged series little kuribou started for some reason
Lmao trunks is like
I aint having none of this
Alex Nesti
kais version is shit i miss the original cersion/the only one that counts
God of time :3
7:02 my first time seeing bulma smoke
Uriah Murphy
3:02 gohan got a faceful of videl's pussy mmmmmm!! Got damn!!!!
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Kid Gohan cuts the dinosaur tail Gohan's Third Day Of High School!! 1 week ago   03:03

This scene was taken from Dragon Ball Z (Remastered) episode 11

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