RESPAWN LOOT ONLY (very WTF IS IN THE BASEMENT? (Hello Neighbor) 3 months ago   10:24

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worst victory ever BUT STILL COUNTS FUCKERS
Ton Polis
At 4:00, lazerbeam said that there are 16 people left in the game so is he saying that he and fresh are bots too?
Kastle Anderson
9:14 I guess you could say that it is a "Lasered Lynx"
Towha Mohammad
I live in Australia and everyone is a bot so fresh must be the best bot
Tracy Nicola
Tracy Nicola
Shut the duck up scream
I love AFK Arena
Rj Capre
voice crack at 3:05
mpm 2007
Zeath the beast stream sniped you guys
Cyberxplays YT
8:54 Jason is so proud of you
Taylyn Kelsen
Omg at 8.10 Lannan was killed by zeath the beast and at the start of the video Lannan was killed by zeath the beast and Lannan said that zeath was a stream sniper. So a stream sniper killed lazarbeam!
Taylyn Kelsen
I had the most best dream ever.

Get ready

So I was at a school and Lannan came to my school and we just kept taking pictures and then we said bye and then he drove away.. BEST DREAM EVER
Teagan The Turtle Master
No one:
Lazarbeam: Lets do a dumb challenge
Mcox 980
Lannan I'm so proud of you finally got paid promotion
Rayyan Waqas
Why didn't he say ' Jason is very proud of u'
Brandon Gomez
Hello mothe fucku
Jacob Miller
jacob law
8:09 Zeath the beast is stream sniper
*theres is a chug in there*
Ethan Morris
are you sure that any one wants to see your face ohhhhhhhhhh jk
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WTF IS IN THE BASEMENT? (Hello Neighbor) RESPAWN LOOT ONLY (very 3 months ago   09:56