Big Bag Of Balls - World Cup Song Waffles : animated music video 1 day ago   00:45

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It's a World Cup time. Footballs and all of that. What a sport.
End voice by

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Why is he bleeding
Diyan Iliev
My fav song ever
Впринципе типичная ситуация
A Casual User
*Insert lenny face*
At least I know that the mouth is filled with blood not crab bloob
He looks like stewie
happy man cz
*mouth full of crabs but the Better version*
orion fire
This won’t be taken wrong
Braedon Hitaj
Laughing noises
Plasma Edits
You can die from that.
United States of America
Soccer balls.
Dr. K.L.H
DrainbowTheDragon 121
0:26 Dead bodies made me gay
theheartpuppetbaled oficial channel
I love gore
Hack You
Idk why this reminds me of invader sim mix with a YouTube channel called veta a l versh
люмм грач
Ew thats one most awefull video on your chanell ,sorry dislike
0:26 Dead bodies make me gay
wow.. just wow
The only mouth full of balls you're allowed to have on international TV.
Quinnin Joseph
this reminds me of the bag full of crabs song :( good old times
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Waffles : animated music video Big Bag Of Balls - World Cup Song 1 day ago   01:10

Wouldn't you be happier if you had a waffle?
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