Thomas Sowell: Comparing Obama's Thomas Sowell - Fallacies of Race 2 days ago   04:23

Sep 25, 2012

Hoover Institution Senior Fellow Thomas Sowell on Obama's record and lack of criticism from the media and voters.

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Ben Gettinit
sowell for president
Riff Bear
oh crap hes bringing up free markets and lower taxes; "thanks for being here (this interviews over), thomas sowell"
"Statism" Roughly, a belife in government as the enactor to solve problems.

Not trying to sound like a smart ass, but google "statist" or "Statism". You'll find much better definitions than I can ramble out in 500 characters.
Black Man Rising
Define "statist", i'm actually not familiar with that term.
Black Man Rising
But it's what you're yelling that turns sensible people away and being meek isn't the opposite of being hateful, bigoted, petty and paranoid.
theres no honor in being meek when under attack...sometimes you have to yell and make noise.
Black Man Rising
The statist left makes more sense than the statist right?
Black Man Rising
Maybe if more conservatives sounded like Sowell, their perspective would be more well recieved. Sowell doesn't sound as angry, hateful, bigoted, petty and paranoid as your average conservative.
Black Man Rising
That's a cop out. Fox News dominates network news and conservatives dominate the airwaves, neither would be possible if their only patrons were fellow conservatives. So, it's not like both sides aren't being heard, it's just that the left side of the argument makes more sense.
Leningrad Cowboy
Most 'news" outlets take their marching orders directly from the white house. You can see and hear this when you listen to the compilation of evening news. They are worse than Pravda. Absolutely in lock step.
well said
Only reason BHO is teflon is because the press is also on the statist left.
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Thomas Sowell - Fallacies of Race Thomas Sowell: Comparing Obama's 2 days ago   09:30

Was slavery caused by racism? Are fatherless Black families a result of slavery? Dr. Sowell explodes these myths and others.