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The cutback is one of surfing's most important manoeuvres. It will be one of the first manoeuvres you learn, as well as the one that you will always be looking to improve on.

The first thing you need to know about the cutback is that there are as many variations as there are surfers in the world! Everyone develops their own style, and depending on the type of wave as well as that particular wave you may need to do a slight variation. Despite that there are some great fundamentals and tips to help improve your cutback. The main things we like are spray and speed, if you manage to spray your friend on the shoulder whilst maintaining your speed throughout the turn you're right on track!

1. The approach: Your first cutback will undoubtedly be done just heading straight down the line, but as you get better you are more likely to do a gentle bottom turn to head up the face onto the shoulder to start your cutback.
2. The entry: In order to maintain your speed turn you'll need to get near the top of the wave, ¾ of the way up would be the lowest you want to start from. When you start your turn you need to lean onto your heelside rail, apply pressure on the back foot and most importantly compress your legs and rotate your body. Your front leg will be straighter than the front one initially as you need the back leg more bent to apply that pressure.
3. The cutback: This is where you make or break your cutback. What you really need to remember her is fairly simple, stay low and look where you want to go. It sounds so simple, but its not! This is the part of the turn where you are trying to draw that line that is going to keep your speed or even increase it if you get it right, the angle that the rail line is digging into the water in combination with the waves energy and the shape of your board all come into one magic moment, when you get it right. You need to really get good rotation here so that your arms are going where you are heading as well to help get extra momentum.
4. The completion: This is really where the different types of cutbacks come into play, whether it goes more into a carve or a full roundhouse cutback where you hit the lip. Where you look is where you will go so bare that in mind. The full roundhouse requires everything else to have been done technically correct so lets stick with that one for now. In this case once you have spotted where you are going to rebound you need to extend your legs a little to help you get up there and then lift your arms (more rotation) to help you go up the face for the rebound. Counter intuitively, when trying to do a roundhouse you don't rush back into the pocket to maintain your speed, you actually draw a really long line down the face and then around and up into the rebound.
5. Recovery: The recovery for most manouevres is the same, compress your legs and get low over the board to help you get out of the move and into the next one with maximum speed.

Common Mistakes:
1. The most common mistake with a full cutback or roundhouse cutback is to push too hard at the beginning of the turn. Remember, you need to maintain that speed, and there will still be plenty of spray if you get it right!
2. The next most common mistake links directly to the first one and that is trying to do a cutback with your legs too straight. You need to stay compressed through the turn so that you can still control your board, the second your legs are too straight you can no longer control its speed and choose where it is going to go.
3. The third one is maybe the easiest to change but the most common in people first learning to do a cutback of any type, and that is NOT looking where you are going. If you want to hold your speed through a cutback and be able to control where you are going to go you have to look there.

1. Using your hand as a pivot point helps control your turn as well as helping with balance, and touching the wave always feels good.
2. Don't try and rush the cutback by heading straight into the pocket, really draw it out carving down the face and then back and then up into the pocket.
3. Make sure that you bring your back arm with you otherwise you will never get all the way back into the pocket.
4. Always go about 1-2m further into the pocket of the wave than you think you need to, don't be afraid of the white water! You'll fall a few times but then you'll start to get it, make the white water your friend, just watch Slater, Knox and Curren for examples.
5. (for shorboarders) If you are struggling with the roundhouse then try it on a slightly bigger board than your standard, you'll find out why!

If you have any questions or want to tell us what is or isn't working or any suggestions then please share them below.

Chris Bond
Ticket to Ride

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Christopher Atkinson
Very rarely hear motivational phrases on youtube videos, instructional or not. The last little "Get off your chair, get in the water, and go practice your maneuvers", was all I needed to get off my couch and go to the strand for those 3-5 footers today. Thanks dude!
The high sky Man
How hard do you have to press on the back tail during a cutback
Hello Chris, I'm Ming from Taiwan.
may I translate your videos to Chinese cus I would like to share some nice and helpful videos for those who can only speak in Chinese.
I will appreciate you can grant my request.
best regards.
Ur confusing for hand wraps and gouges with cutbacks
Brendon Schutte
Dont forget the direction in which your arms point aldo help with the rotation
guy bartlett
ניצן רווה
I am understand how to do it but i'm a beginer and i do not understand how to start . i mean' when you get in to the water you
look to the beach and than you turn? or you start Parallel to the beach?
Ben Hall
Just uploaded the first surf video on my channel. I would appreciate any tips or suggestions! Comment here or my vid
this outro thing is so frustrating... i would love to get up from my chair and jump in the water to surf but i'm on the fucking mainland, waves are 1000 km away. But nice video.
On Oe
honestly love this video because I watched it the summer I learned how to surf...
Lorenzo Mercadante
Great video, it helped me a lot.
When a new video? We want more!!!
Liam Geschwindt
nvm i just checked your channel, lol. from cape town
Liam Geschwindt
you sound south african
Cameron David
Thanks man1!!!!!!
Ruben Yee
what is the name of the song?
Rik Kz
Where do you put your backfoot? On the very end of the pad or just in front of the little bump?
Cho co
in fact there's a secret move in the cutback   without it there's no efficiency !!
Yhago Oliveira
AMAZING! i gotta try and repeat a lot, but im gonna doit!
thanks :)
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The Most Important Technique For EVERY Surf Tips - How to do a Forehand Cutback 2 days ago   04:43


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