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In this webinar, MINDSET for IELTS co-author Lucy Passmore considers the aspects of pronunciation that are assessed in the IELTS Speaking test, and discusses ways of helping students improve their pronunciation.

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Sohail Abbas
Even though that British council is earning million of money in the form of IELTS test , around the the world , still they r asking money for download different ielts courses which is shameful act .
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Teaching Tips: A combination of theory Helping students improve their 1 day ago   1:01:48

In this week’s webinar Penny Ur discusses the relationship between theory and practice and provides plenty of practical examples for you to use in your language classroom.

Find out more about Penny’s new book, Penny Ur’s 100 Teaching Tips which provides 100 hands-on tips on 19 different areas of classroom teaching, including using a coursebook, giving and checking homework, classroom discipline, testing and assessment and is accompanied by brief explanatory notes based on the author’s extensive teaching experience:

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