Teaching Tip Video 4 - Revised A2 Key and A2 Key for Schools Spoken English: Supermarket 2 days ago   01:31

Cambridge University Press ELT
Watch an exam tip on how to prepare for the new A2 Key/A2 Key for Schools Speaking Part 2.

The new exam formats for A2 Key/Key for Schools and B1 Preliminary/B1 Preliminary for Schools will start being used from January 2020.


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Spoken English: Supermarket Teaching Tip Video 4 - Revised A2 Key and A2 Key for Schools 2 days ago   12:50

Spoken English: Supermarket
If you would like the supporting materials to this lesson go to https://britishenglishpronunciation.com/product-category/lesson-notes-mp3

Do you want to speak English like a native? This series of lessons focusses on the phrases you are going to need in everyday situations like buying groceries from the supermarket. Spoken English is the one aspect of English that many students struggle with. Listening to entire English phrases, spoken by a native will be greatly beneficial. When visiting the supermarket you will need phrases to help you find items in store, enquire about the cost of an item, and to get through the checkout.

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