How To Pitch Landlords on Airbnb | Business 10 Things You Can Do TODAY As an Airbnb Host 3 months ago   07:43

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Here's how to speak with landlords in order to find Airbnb properties you can host. If you're new to the idea of rental arbitrage, getting a property on board is usually the largest barrier to entry in this business. The advantages of running an Airbnb property while owning no property are substantial. After all, Airbnb doesn't own any of these properties either, do they? Included are the benefits of hosting a property on Airbnb.

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Jayson Power
Why doesn't the landlord, after seeing you crush it for a year, just cut you out and do it themselves?
Los Laureles
Sean, You have a course or mentorship?
R.E.L. Consulting LLC
Any superhost in St Louis?
James Doe
I love Air Bnb
Mikka Mokiao
This is easy !
6:07 Yeah, I could never present myself that professional. Still, this seems like a cheap business model in terms of cash, as in I can afford it. Is intimidation an option?
Ricardo Labeach
powwww!!! awsome dude
Mondosol Profile
Awesome and how can we ask someone else to watch a property for us while we manage on remote?
Life of A Milinaire
how can someone contact this man to speak with him and learn more?
Marcus Harbison
Just wondering if anyone is doing this in Denver, Colorado and would like to connect. Could definitely use some help from people with experience in this.
Really like your pitch. I’ve added an NDA in some of my early conversations around Las Vegas. Now in Dallas.
Love your channel, Sean. I am in the Dallas area also and looking to get my first airbnb property up. So far all no's. Would love to speak with you or any of your team members for any advice on the area. Thanks man!
MGTOW Rubicon
If you are starting out and you have no properties under contract, then you have no track record.
How will you handle the issue of having no track record to demonstrate your prior experience?
Landlords will not like inexperienced people taking over their properties.
Craig M
What if the landlord decides to just do the Airbnb listing themselves..?
Ralph Stevens
Thank you so much for the video. You are super! One question. How much do you offer the landlord. How is the booking shared between the landlord and the Airbnb host?
How often do you have to incentives owners with more money?
pat vaughn
jacori curtis
who host airbnb in the New York City area ?
Dara Abasute
great content! I'm looking to partner with property owners in metro Atlanta area who would allow me to do this exact strategy.
Kyle Pillay
I think I am going to try this.
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10 Things You Can Do TODAY As an Airbnb Host How To Pitch Landlords on Airbnb | Business 3 months ago   14:50

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Happy 2019 everyone.

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