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Airbnb Automated
Here's how to speak with landlords in order to find Airbnb properties you can host in. Included are the benefits of hosting a property on Airbnb.

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Rod Eccles
Write out a SCRIPT! Every good salesperson has a script. It keeps you focused on the important points to make and handle objections up front. Don't sound like you are reading it but practice it so it sounds natural. The idea that he doesn't have one is BS. A good well-planned script will come across as professional and you don't have to think of stuff on the fly. In short, a script that is delivered in a natural conversational manner makes you look and sound professional which will help you get that landlord to a big YES.
Donovan Gumbo
Anyone knows if this would work in Toronto?
Isaiah Cobbin
looking for dallas properties !!! PLEASE HELP NEW AIRBNB HOST
Pillsberry Dopeboy
Can you show us a video of some of the listings that you have? Are they in ideal locations or in lesser areas. If in lesser areas, I've been looking in the area where I live around and I don't see occupancy being very high for alot of the properties, which I do the math, they're probably not making much more than the normal rent. I live in ft. Lauderdale btw.
Mark Elkhill
I am interested to find others who are using this strategy to have some conversation with. I like this idea. Please message me. I am on FB and LinkedIn. Name is Mark Elkhill.
Tal Sheynkman
This probably wouldn't work in my country unfortunately. According to our tax code, short-term rentals count as business properties and not residential, and are therefore subject to higher taxes.
Propel 2015
Your business model is not sustainable in South Florida. Most HOA’s will not allow landlords to sublet or allow guests from airbnb now. I own 7 units from 4 different associations and it’s specifically mentioned in all of their agreements that as landlord I am not allowed to give permission to tenants to sublet or list my home on short term websites. People own and live in their condos full time, and often don’t like being disturbed by new neighbors moving in and out every other week. Especially Florida tourists who come to party. It protects the landlords and the residents from possible miscreants. Also my properties are not all I have it’s a profitable investment and an extra source of income for retirement. You have a business but you own no assets. You rely on other people.
insert username
What if you find a property in airbnb that isn’t being well managed, how do you reach them? I tried reaching them thru airbnb messaging but it wont let me pass my email or phone number and it hasn’t worked yet
charlene judd
Hi name is shawn ...pitching to the landlord over the phone@ 6:08
You make this sound so easy
Bernard Yeong
Do you think is a good idea to rent a second property at the same area with my first Airbnb property?
James Chuaycham ป้อม ศักดิ์ชัย
What will be expenses, challenges, and risk doing this? I assume you only rent via Air B&B not regular tenants so lesser risk perhaps. Very interesting in getting cash flow without owning..
Ultimate English n Career
Awesome information
jonathan matta
Let's say i get the owner on board and get his approval to sublet his unit on Airbnb. What are the dangers using my name to sign the lease and subletting ? And is it worth the extra cash starting a company for my first subrental property ?
What is the ratio of professional property managed properties vs. individual landlord properties in your portfolio?

You say that working with individual landlords is harder but I find the opposite to be true. I'd like some elaboration in dealing specifically with professionally managed properties in general but as well in the high rise luxury properties.
chaz Gurrero
What location in the. City do I focus on? Thanks.
Snake Plisken
Great video. Would you take my two properties in theory even if they need a bit of repair/remodeling that I would pay for of course? My problem is I don't always have the time to travel to them to oversee the remodeling and I want them on AirBNB with a co-host like you as my "tennant" that is professional and understand the looking for some ideas on how to get these properties online.. Btw, one is in Cape Town and one in Texas. One needs plumbing repairs. The other has a current tennant full-time but I want to have a new kitchen and bathrooms, then change that to AirBNB. Where should I start?
Hey I got it dude man your the best
David Skinner
Awesome content. Does your lease language with the landlord include the words "Airbnb"? If you've customized the leases based on this model, can you share your template?
Sharred Media
Does this work with bigger apartments?
Zachary Irwin
Whats the incentive for the home owner not to rent from air BNB them selves and cut you out?
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How To Make A Fortune on AirBnb, Without How To Pitch Landlords on Airbnb | Business 2 months ago   38:22

There are very, very few business opportunities out there that truly impress me these days, but what you’ll learn about today from our guest, Brian Page, is one of them.

A few years ago Brian found himself at a point in life where he needed a plan B.

His background was in real estate, but after the market crashed, he found himself on the sidelines.

As many people have over the past few years, he started looking into AirBnb, and saw a huge opportunity there, but there was one big problem…

He didn’t have the funds needed to buy a house that he could list on the platform.

I’ve often thought about buying and renting out properties on AirBnb as well, but I don’t want to spend a substantial amount of money to acquire them.

Well that’s when Brian came up with a solution that rocked my world…
Instead of buying properties, he rented them, and then placed them on the short-term markets of AirBNB, Home Away, and VRBO.

Each home might cost him $2,000 to rent, but he was making $6,000/mo from his AirBnb guests.

Within a year he’d acquired control of dozen properties, all of which were making him income, and he didn’t have to invest a dime into any of them.

It is without a doubt, one of the most brilliant, and exciting opportunities I’ve ever seen, where you can literally build a real estate empire within a few years, without any kind of seed capital, or without any risk exposure to the markets.

And the best part, is that Brian has automated the entire process. Everything, from cleaning and servicing the homes, to wowing his guests, is outsourced.

He can literally run his empire from his cell phone on a beach, and today he’s going to share the entire strategy with you.

If you’re currently looking for a way to replace your income, and potentially build a massive income stream, this is the single best opportunity to do so, that I’ve seen in years.