Curse of the Pier Runners! Carnival Couple Misses Cruise Ship 1 day ago   07:52

If I can manage to get aboard on time without booking a cruise-line shore excursion, SO CAN YOU!

You, daddy with that little girl in you arm--wha' happen?

Enjoy the brief, two-tone horn battle between our ship, Glory, vs. those Texans aboard Valor, out of Galveston.

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Diane Berg
One day, I’m going to put on a back pack and sun glasses and run towards a dock cruise ship one minute before it leaves, even thought I’m not actually a passenger. Then I’m just going to stop and run the other way. To screw with people

I don’t know why. Just to enjoy my life
Alabama Al
More often than not, the late arrivers are crewmembers, especially if they look like they are twenty-somethings.
Duke Of Hesse
been pickin' cotton, now got to get me back on de ship.
shannon stewart
Thats one of the reasons why i dont sail Carnival anymore. Low class cruise line in my opinion. I would charge $100 every 30 mins to their credit card on file for making the ship wait.
I can understand some people not planning their time right and being late because of unforeseen circumstances. You can tell by the way some of them are running. It's not that they don't care or plan to be late, it just happens to all of us. The dad can't run because of the child he's holding. But the ones who walk slowly? Now they're just stating that they don't care and the world exists for them.
Dragon maid
Those last two ladies should have been made take a flight home
Love watching pier runners. What do these people have so much to do on the island. They have no respect for anyone.
Cabin Crawl
@5:34 "Ma'am, do you see what time it is?" "Yes, but we're important and we can come back when we want."
Enrique Ponce
wish the boats started playing the close encounters of the third kind theme song
Jerome O'Mara
My Question is why would anyone with an IQ over 80 go on a Cruise?
Steven Meakin
Ha ha ha ha the ships (horn said fuck you)
Steve Wagner
That’s why I will never take a cruise. Shit bags who don’t care about the rest of the people. These types of assholes are always late. That is one of the biggest forms of disrespect, is always being late.
J Deubel
On our New Year's Cruise I'm Carnival Breeze people got left at Puerto Rico
Make America great again!
Jay douglas
I’ve taken this cruise before. They only wait a few minutes.
Jay douglas
I always get the cruise line excursions. That way you don’t get left behind
Michael Conley
If they were on a cruise line booked excursion and are not back in time they will always wait for them. Saw it a few weeks ago in Cozumel as well, 25 people running the pier 25 minutes late.
Physical Cliff
Pier runner 3. Nice jugs.
James Fracasse Jr
For those who missed boarding titanic was a blessing in disguise
They lie about auctual departure time sooooo relax...esp if you can play the kiddie card
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Couple Misses Cruise Ship Curse of the Pier Runners! Carnival 1 day ago   04:29

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We saw several people running late and started taping. This couple was the latest and we later found out that their kids were not with them on shore, but on the boat with relatives. We followed up with the crew and they said they were all safe. We really were hoping they made it or they turned around for them! Posting this so others can see how important is to be back to the ship on time! Just terrible.