Curse of the Pier Runners! Carnival Couple Misses Cruise Ship 5 months ago   07:52

If I can manage to get aboard on time without booking a cruise-line shore excursion, SO CAN YOU!

You, daddy with that little girl in you arm--wha' happen?

Enjoy the brief, two-tone horn battle between our ship, Glory, vs. those Texans aboard Valor, out of Galveston.

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Kayla Sheppard
I'm glad people cheered the dad and little girl. The rest are annoying
And it’s all the blacks who are late SMDH
Beth Campbell
An hour late!! I’d be beyond fuming!! Rude, rude people!
Shit video, everybody made it
Laura Cracchiolo
My heart breaks for that dad carrying little girl. I wanted to jump through my phone to help him.
Devildog 68
Cozumel changed it's time zone so stupid cruise ship people wouldn't be lat for their ship how har is to change or watch to what ever time zone the ship is. stupid people.
andrew brames a methhead bitch
Been on many cruises this shit is rediculous. We need to start leaving right at the time they said and stop waiting on self entitlement dicks to decide they want us to wait on them to finish doing whatever they want. You want to spend more time at port? Fly there instead
Walk of shame.
Stardust Crusader 64
The commentary was great.
Such arrogance is really sickening . The cruise lines need to leave a few more people at every port and send a real message. I bet it is the same people every time.
Shaun Pierce
That guy doing the spins and walking side to side would have got a black eye from me purely for his arrogance
The Captain should leave on time. The problem would sort itself in no time.
Laverne Mcinnis
Ok #5 did not let the lady go first on the gangway- they should have left him
J Hart
Maybe,instead of cruise tickets,the dumbasses should have invested in a watch....leave em
Tom Bob
Later for work too , it's cool cash is King ...
The class of people on this ship and the intelligence of that person. "He's not even getting on the ship, boo." Seriously. I'd never sail on Carnival.
Idk how you felt about this, but I'm sorry if this was painful for you.
Why are they even at the pier? There should be a cut-off time to close the gates just like at the airport.
Dean Lungu
I think I read somewhere that the reason no unicorns exist today is the selected pair missed 'last call' as Captain Noah had the gangplank stowed.
Those last two stupid ladies think they are royalty.
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Couple Misses Cruise Ship Curse of the Pier Runners! Carnival 5 months ago   04:29

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We saw several people running late and started taping. This couple was the latest and we later found out that their kids were not with them on shore, but on the boat with relatives. We followed up with the crew and they said they were all safe. We really were hoping they made it or they turned around for them! Posting this so others can see how important is to be back to the ship on time! Just terrible.