Curse of the Pier Runners! Carnival Couple Misses Cruise Ship 2 months ago   07:52

If I can manage to get aboard on time without booking a cruise-line shore excursion, SO CAN YOU!

You, daddy with that little girl in you arm--wha' happen?

Enjoy the brief, two-tone horn battle between our ship, Glory, vs. those Texans aboard Valor, out of Galveston.

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I bet the late runners do this all the time. They need to be taught that time waits for no one!
Sylvia Tarnuzzer
I sure wish they would LEAVE these people!!!!
Do you know what the fuck gangway stowed is?
They are told repeatedly when to be back at the ship. Fuck 'em.
Mountain Man3
no mercy.
One of Billions
judging by their weight and sense of self entitlement, I would guess these pier runners are American. The Captains should have a recording of crowds laughing and taunting and play it over loud speakers as the ship pulls away leaving them behind.😜🤣
Super Dave
Why is it that blacks are always the late ones?
Michael J
They should have left them all
Jabo's Fun Train
The only good excuse is the guy with his daughter
Mark Rubin
Typical attitude of the Carnival crown. This is why I never book Carnival.
Richard Carver Law
Democrats, the ones who are always late! You can tell they are Democrats! The last two idiots should have been left and pushed in the ocean and let the sharks eat them.m, as everyone watched . Now that would have been a lesson!
Ray Stanley
What kind of coffee was served on the Titanic? SANKA!!😀😀
Bri Clayton
I’m the 1000 like
terry brady
The arrogance of people is astounding.
Dylan Freeman
did i just hear an adult say "our horn is better"?
Ray Stanley
This is the same day Chris watts killed his family. Coincidence?
Aundrea Williams
They would rake it in well if they charged late comers
Disney Cruise Line
Lol imagine Carnival Glory trying to battle Disney Fantasy
*Fantasy wins by far*
There should be no fines from them running to the boat its funny because it's like you better hurry your about to miss it not our fault and it's fun 2 watch
Mackenzie Cohall
Idk why but the horn battle cracked me up 😂😂
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Couple Misses Cruise Ship Curse of the Pier Runners! Carnival 2 months ago   04:29

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We saw several people running late and started taping. This couple was the latest and we later found out that their kids were not with them on shore, but on the boat with relatives. We followed up with the crew and they said they were all safe. We really were hoping they made it or they turned around for them! Posting this so others can see how important is to be back to the ship on time! Just terrible.