BIRD BOX (2018) Ending + Monsters The Real Reason We Didn't See The Monsters 3 weeks ago   17:22

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Digging into the world and monsters of the huge hit BIRD BOX, where a mysterious force decimates the world's population. Find out all about what the monsters are, breaking down the story, other lingering mysteries and explaining the ending.

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Christopher Boyd
Love the Brisco County Jr in your library
MInerva Vidad
Ho is the killer
Mariana Figueroa
oh i thought that maybe, just a conspiracy, that they really did die and that's just "heaven."

So going down the rapids she decided that no one is looking. As every other stupid choice in the movie, there is a bad out come. That out come is either them drowning in the rapids or to the monsters. If they drowned the rest of the way is them just going to heaven?? After they survive the rapids the mom loses the children, boy and girl are convinced that it's really their mom telling them to take their blind folds off. So they remove them dying to the monsters. Mom realizes so and takes her blind fold off killing herself to the monsters. but the movie just makes it seem like they didn't. but instead escaping to heaven or the school. As she carries boy,girl it's just her running to the afterlife and the monsters chasing them are like demons trying to drag them to hell ? Even before they could have died which would explain why the movie isn't clear on how they ended up in the forest. They just died before and that trip down the river is them making their way to heaven or the afterlife. Again the crazy man is just a demon dragging them to hell or to the bad side of the afterlife. (whatever you believe in heaven//hell or afterlife or even another life but these demons are dragging them to another more cruel/harsh/bad life.)
This could also explain why we never see the cop and Felix again. It's just an illusion. They really died but for the movies sake, they're just making their way to the after life as if there's a passage way to it. That could also be why the monsters are invisible. demons don't really have a figure and nor do angels. So the blind school is heaven and everyone else there are angels or others who have died as well. There's no way that doctor survived. It just doesn't seem likely she'd live after all she was at the hospital and probably didn't escape it falling into the monsters grasp. So she's dead in heaven. The blind school. Rick could b an angel or even god in a way. or the birds. the people are in heaven and the birds are angels. that's why they warn or get wild when they sense the monsters. Angels trying to save them.

idk what do you guys think i really thought about this and it's not too far off. i hope ??

or it could be really what the guy said ?
Neon Sadae
who else thought she was going to name the girl Cinderella?
Privateer Hunter
The only person who can survive this is kenshi
The Nickel
Imagine DareDevil in this situation
Star _ Struckk
You can see the monsters in one clip when gary was drawing them
Wilbur Gamer
Blind Peoples are lucky
Zack Hallam
Stupid dumb arse Masonic mumbo Jumbo.. gtfoh
I would hire my blind uncle..

*_Oh wait_*
Tammy Kirk
So what next cant fart or eat no more of these dumb moives
james burn
5G. will kill you
you didnt explain shit. you just recalled the plot
Bird Box vs A Quite Place
You decide
I feel like I've heard this in a Creepypasta like a year ago
Snoop's dog
It's the slenderman.
Angel Woodings
Mirror = ultimate weapon
Arch Stanton
This was more of a recap than an explanation. The movie didn't really hint at any explanation either so I guess it's fitting.
Kinq Jay
I know this is just a movie but it made me emotional
Awkward Aspen
I always thought the monsters realized there were survivors, therefore they chose a few people to keep alive to get the others to see them, since they cant physically do anything to humans.

its just what i thought but eh-
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The Real Reason We Didn't See The Monsters BIRD BOX (2018) Ending + Monsters 3 weeks ago   04:07

Would you like to know the real reason we didn't see the monsters in Bird Box? Well, when Bird Box flew onto Netflix in late December, the post-apocalyptic horror thriller quickly became something of a phenomenon. All anyone on the Internet could talk, tweet, and theorize about was Sandra Bullock's character Malorie, her fight for survival in a world where deadly entities spark global psychosis, and how the planet tumbled into such terrifying chaos. But the two biggest mysteries that are still lingering in viewers' minds are what the creatures look like and why the movie didn't actually show them.