Top 5 MOST VIEWED Videos on YouTube Hotel Transylvania 3 GIANT HATCHING 4 months ago   05:47

Top 5 MOST VIEWED Videos on YouTube (no music videos)
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Top 5 MOST VIEWED Videos on Youtube

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Logan Durant
DVM and friends
Ryan toyrewiew 1.6 billion
Irina Malenga
congrats u forgot baby shark wit 2 billlion views!
SciSci Toys
You have to wonder if they use viewbots and comment bots etc, they can bot most things and they probably do.
play boyz
i am open new channel .pls guys subscribe me pls 🙏🙏
Armantė Bružaitė
Ah, yes.
I love Masha And The Bear..
My favourite. I always used to laugh even though I don't understand Russsian.
It's because I'm from Lithuania and basically every adult knows Russian. My Great-Grandma is Russian. Aswell as my Great-Grandpa. They both passed away last year. We try to go to the church every Sunday to pray for them. ♡
Priya Ganger
ugh i feel so bad for that boy that got bitten
Snake Bite
U missed 9+10=21 just saying
Mr. Arcade Winner
1:27 ok😂
Stam9s 1027
Sajit Ponnukuttan
Masha and the bear views now
3.2 billion
Mohammad Baloch
Jon W
Them unboxing videos seem fishy... all of the replies to comments are weird non human like responses. Makes me think they have view bots.
Yousef Kellieh
This is generation gen z bro. Don't worry you will soon find it interesting
Spooky Raspberry
It’s 2018 and people still watch “Charlie bit my finger” videos.
Mr. Unknown
This shows that kids use phone the most
Kelly Halidone
My two year old started asking to watch things like surprise eggs so I searched it and yep millions of young kids watching it ... or things like Peppa surprise eggs or paw patrol colours Mum and yep millions of those videos too
kamran bartley
Be warned, most of these so called hackers are imposters, I’ve been ripped off 4 times already, thankfully my friend gave me a reliable contact, he works with discretion and delivers, he does all sorts of hacking and help me hack my ex Facebook, Whatsapp, iCloud, IG, Snapchat and Phone messages remotely with the software he bought, I would prefer to let his services speak for itself, you can contact him at prohacker2177 @ gmail com whatsapp: +16313154546 if he asks where you got his contact you can say from me. Thank you.
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Hotel Transylvania 3 GIANT HATCHING Top 5 MOST VIEWED Videos on YouTube 4 months ago   12:45

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