3 Habits That Will Change 6 Ways To CURE DEPRESSION 4 months ago   08:46

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In this lesson, we're going to cover 3 of the most powerful habits you can add to your life. Then you're going to sit down and think about which habit you're going to focus on for the rest of this course (a good habit that you're going to work on everyday until it hits that line of automaticity)

This is Lesson #4 of the Tamed Course
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Bryan Gutierrez
accept that you can't change yourself but you can improve yourself 😊
K if your in your 20s with great paying job an smoke 5cigs a day your fine. People got real issues in life tom is just fine.
Glinda Tac-an
I choose meditation as the first keystone habit I want to develop.

I’m hoping that this helps me in the current work and intrapersonal conflicts I’m facing.
Bfeisal 9
I've picked reading
nigel burns
Fitness is my first habit that I will start doing
Decent job means hey he fucking got his life a bit together I'm fucked in all dimensions to the point where if I make progress in one place ten other problems appear
So if I read a book about mediation while training at the gym, I could change my whole life? Thank you sir, I would try it!
Anyone wants an accountably partner?
Hrishikesh Bhardwaj
I'm choosing meditation! It's because meditation calms our mind and body, makes us more focussed, and provides us with the 'super powers' you mentioned in the video. Choosing it among the wasn't too easy though.

I'm a 19 YO student with a huge ambition that requires plenty of reading and a sharp, steady mind. Considering this, I sidelines fitness pretty easily, with meditation and reading left behind. Now, most of you reading this might feel I chose reading, but I didn't. Reason being I'm a pretty moody person with a compulsive nature of getting irritated and swaying with my emotions. This affected my studies and willpower. I thought if I'm able to control my mind, i'll have a steady and foccussed mind and willpower. Hence, I'd definitely focus on reading/studying. In this manner, I acquired two keystone habits with one ;) Thank you I-pill, this course means a lot to me.
The Mind Feed
Already working on Fitness, Meditation & diet Habit and lose 11 Kgs and feeling like I am above the world. Now nothing is impossible.
ian hayes
i want to learn how to mange my money, i know ill just spend my money on a book to teach me how not to spend money on crap
Positives Banane
Sameer Ram
meditation 20min twice
hey this video is great
V Janes
I choose reading
Kritisk Kritisk
Yeer R
Smoking weed is a keystone habit
Chevelle Ogbonna
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6 Ways To CURE DEPRESSION 3 Habits That Will Change 4 months ago   11:09

Depression is something that is becoming more and more common. A lot of us are under the impression that it's a form of mental disease that just happens to people. This is far from the truth. Depression is clearly a sign of the fast-changing environment around us. The whole world is changing so fast and our bodies can't keep up with it.

So in this video, we're going to discuss the 6 different factors you need to keep in mind in order to overcome your depression. They are: exercise, omega-3 fats, sunlight, sleep, anti-rumination activities, and social connections.

For Those Of You That Want To Improve Your Social Life Click Here: https://ai-tube.com/videoai/zCEHATTBEQb&g=1f&vaqrk=6&yvfg=CYR_iDJJktnvUEh8xaaFCCJvaL0lb05HX2

So if you're feeling depressed and want to fight it, watch the video to find out more in-depth information about each of these 6 factors.

Some Other Videos Related To These 6 Factors:
Regarding How To Fix Your Sleep: https://ai-tube.com/videoai/heetgdAIc0R&vaqrk=7&yvfg=CYR_iDJJktnvRnaW09Qp3VbmJsKgyLeaX5
Regarding Toxins In The Fish You Eat: https://ai-tube.com/videoai/C_8RS3jbJ40&vaqrk=2&yvfg=CYR_iDJJktnvRnaW09Qp3VbmJsKgyLeaX5

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