Watch Theresa May defend her Brexit May tries to seal Brexit deal 8 months ago   1:12:51

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terry tunney
Treason May ,sharia May,just top yourself ,you traitor cow
No they were not sold "ecstasy".
This shit makes my blood boil.
You morons fired the chief drugs advisor for speaking the truth about drug classifications.
Professor David Nutt.
These *TWO* people who tragically died, did not die from "ecstasy" (or MDMA)... They died because they took something they thought was ecstasy but wasn't and died as a result of that.
In many EU countries for the sake of harm reduction, mobile drug testing facilities are available at festivals and concerts.
This allows people to be sure of the substance and dosage.

Educate yourselves or risk death by stupidity.

And when it comes time to pull the trigger on each one... I hope their pleas are jeered and shouted over by a crowd of onlookers.
This rabble of shouting jeering morons need to be lined up and shot.
Perhaps after the watching a few of their peers hang their heads, piss and shit themselves before being shot in the head...
Maybe then they will realise the error of their ways.
Probably not though... Wasn't Jo Cox shot in the face?
Isn't there someone in the gallery who was there with her when she died?

No... Line them up against the wall.
Until it affects them personally, there will be no real change.
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May tries to seal Brexit deal Watch Theresa May defend her Brexit 8 months ago   19:53

Theresa May is still in talks with the European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker in Brussels, amid increasing pressure to agree a divorce deal.


The German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned she would not turn up to the EU summit on Sunday if the final negotiations weren't agreed within the next 48 hours. Earlier, as more Tory MPs urged the Prime Minister to renegotiate the entire deal, she told the Commons that rejecting it would simply mean more uncertainty and division, or risk no Brexit at all. We speak to Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki.


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