Dr Spike Briggs, Forum Speech Putin Shocked St. Petersburg Forum 5 months ago   13:05

World Sailing TV
Dr Spike Briggs, a member of the World Sailing Medical Commission, spoke at the 'Safety in Sailing' Forum at the World Sailing Annual Conference about medical emergency procedures in sailing.

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Putin Shocked St. Petersburg Forum Dr Spike Briggs, Forum Speech 5 months ago   19:20

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Things that sometimes with humor, sometimes harshly, said Vladimir Putin today, have already spread to the headlines of the world media. Why does the West sit on our heads and chew bubble gum? Will Russia help break up NATO? Who restricts Germany's sovereignty? All this was said in St. Petersburg. The key event of the International Economic Forum is a plenary session. Participating, in addition to the Russian Leader, are the Prime Minister of India and the President of Moldova. The topic of the discussion is: the main international events, centered on Russia. Reporting, our political correspondent, Pavel Zarubin.