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YEAH! I don't know where this came from. XP

I am so pleased with this video. I decided to go back to doing another liveaction audio trailer.I haven't done this in awhile. And it's much more fun than I remembered. This one is for a movie that comes out next year. It's called "The Vow". I saw the trailer for it one day, but I didn't get the idea to do this video unti a few days ago. I think Elejah was the perfect choice for this. I've been missing them. And I'm a sucker for romance flicks, so yeah...this is the result.

This seems like it could possibly be a fanfic. Don't you think?

So the story is Elena and Elijah are madly in love. They get married and expect to live their happily ever after. One night, Elena is in an awful car accident and is taken to the hospital. When she wakes up, Elijah finds that Elena doesn't remember him at all. Devestated, he's determined to win Elena's heart back by making her fall in love with him again; no matter what. *sigh* True love.

Yeah, I know the syncing isn't the greatest, but I tried my best. I'm still happy with the finished product. And I'd like to see the real movie when it comes out next year.

Daniel Gillies as Elijah
Nina Dobrev as Elena
Barbara Hershey as the nurse

Footage: The Vampire Diaries, Uncross the Stars, A Walk To Remember, Too Young to Marry, Eleventh Hour, and The Vow trailer

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Radhika swain
i wish you could make the movie
Radhika swain
this is awesome
This is awesome
Wolf Dreams
(tries to talk but squeaks instead) i was an elejah fan before this but now im gonna cry
Omg its brilliant that you used some scenes from uncross the stars
Jordan Houston
This is so cute! I love Elena and Damon. But I kinda want Elena and Elijah.
Anna Marie
That's kinda cute :)
Haha, funny and great idea behind this :)
ahh nice video! :) And the manips are great! :)
dev Mikaelson
You should make the movie haha
Aw.. this is amazing!!
Hey guys, there's another beautiful one with Klaus and Caroline to the Vow. Check it out!
Marzia Ridolfi
Love the chemistry that these two have!
Wow, this is absolutely amazing.

Elijah and Elena all the way!
Derya Dogan
WoW that is an Amazing idea really good, i love it!!!! Elijah
klayley 96
So beatyfull!!!
This was soooo great!!! Your choice of clips was perfect! It reminded me of why I love elejah so much.
So the sync was slightly off, didn't matter to me because i was wrapped in the soft flow of the scenes. The beginning scene was stunning! Elijah and Elena marrying *squeals* Not only will i see the movie, if there was a fanfic with these two based around this story, I"d sure read it! WOW I'm still in aw of this WELL DONE MARISSA! You continue to amaze me with your stunning videos. This was PERFECT! *hugs* Amazing work!
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Vampire Diaries : Elena and Elijah The Vow | Elena & Elijah style ♥ 2 months ago   03:38

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Video about Elena and Elijah. I love this vampire he is so cute.
Team Elijah.