The Business of Fishing Notus Trawlmaster Onboard A Danish 6 months ago   17:06

'The Business of Fishing' aims to improve everyone's understanding of the business aspects of the UK fishing industry by showing some of the day-to-day and strategic challenges that fishing vessel owners face and how they overcome those challenges. The video shows the industry through the eyes of four different vessel owners from different fishing sectors and regions of the UK. The focus is on running a successful business while taking care of the fish stocks and the natural environment.

'The Business of Fishing' was screened for the first time at an event at the Mayfair Hotel in London on Tuesday 12 March 2013. At the screening event, the invited audience of policy makers, environmental NGOs, media and industry representatives each had the opportunity to meet vessel owners involved in the film and discuss some of the issues that it explored. A further launch event was held in Edinburgh the following week and several other screenings around the UK and in Brussels followed as popular demand grew. The film has been shown at a discussion event in the European Parliament and to DG Mare at the European Commission in Brussels, to the House of Commons all party fisheries committee in London.

Commissioned by Sea Fish Industry Authority - the Authority on Seafood
Highly Commended - IOIC Scotland Awards 2014

Filmed and Edited by Greenroom Films, Edinburgh
Producer: Lou Kiddier, Greenroom Films
Executive Producer for Seafish: Hazel Curtis
©Sea Fish Industry Authority 2013

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Roberta Christeen
hard to understand there broken english
it is everything that uk gets all THE FISHING WATERS RETURN.
Emily Green
How can someone get into the industry like to join a crew, how go bout that
1:13, Iain Harcus. Correction needed there, the Aalskere might work out of Peterhead but she's an Orkney owned boat. I work for Iain's dad at the creels.
Divinadov Dufo
fishing is shit but u get paid loads of money for it
Ted Ex
Vote Brexit.
Fuck the EU quotas.
john smith
best to stay well away from fishing
Love these guys!
if my skipper saw me do what the guy did at 08:18 he would have kicked my arse!
don´t you know its bad luck to close the codend in port?
E X C E L L E N T    V I D E O  ! ! !
News: 24 March 2014
"The Business of Fishing" (Greenroom Films) is Highly Commended in the category of Best Audio/Visual Stakeholder Communication at the recent IOIC Scotland 2014 Awards Ceremony in Glasgow
Hazel Curtis
thanks Fiona, our industry have been keen for it to be widely circulated
This video is excellent and shows the complexity of the fishing industry which most people do not appreciate. I shall be tweeting it!
Hazel Curtis
thanks Dave, glad you like it
Dave Clark
Your video is featured on my website about commercial fishing. Great perspective! Check out the site just search JuneauTek.
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Notus Trawlmaster Onboard A Danish The Business of Fishing 6 months ago   09:22

This is a short video of the Notus Trawlmaster being used on the Danish twin rigger FV Ida Camallia. Many thanks to the captain and crew for their help with this video. (