Grandad's Postbag 181115 more canvert old broken CFL into super 5 months ago   02:29

Grandad's Postbag 181115 more Carbonettes

DISCLAIMER: Carbonette/Aleda/Foamette I am not sponsored by J&H Aerospace and receive no commission for any sales of his products. Joshua has sent me these kits as a gift to build and fly.

Joshua Finn's YouTube channel
J&H Aerospace Website

Joshua Finn's build video Carbonette 8 Build (use for 6" and 12" variants as well)

Carbonette 6" catapult glider
Catapult Glider Trimming Case Study: Carbonette 19 CLG

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Been trying to catch up on your videos...finally saw this one. You'll note this Carbonette 12 is slightly different from the other one, being a lighter version for school competitions. I've found it's also really, really fun in calm conditions and is a little easier to trim thanks to the lower weight. Also it's Caleb-approved.
Ol' Phart Coastie
I still have an Aleda, a Carbonette DLG and a Maxout Embryo short kit to build. Been "otherwise occupied." My eldest son (33 yrs) wants an Aleda kit for Christmas, so I need to order another. As for the English weather, have a cup or two of coffee and enjoy yourself.
Nice that you’ve got these! But remember, it could be good to build them now, so you have them ready for when the weather’s nice.
JP Slayer Racing
Mail call! Nice new projects
Lynn Hemeon
I love getting packages .That's why I buy from Amazon.
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