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a local subscriber who works at a metal recycling yard saved this kubota engine from the crusher and thought it would make for a good will it run video, so lets find out shall we.

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70 Charger
Sweet sounding,that will run forever, nice addition to the hoard.
Jonathan Silsby
You should make a diesel powered winch and mount it on the tongue of a trailer. You'd never have to worry about pulling a car up again.
For some reason I took great joy when she started.
Mark Nairn
they say 10 hp. but I always thought they had more power than 10hp gas engine more torque
Cindy Tepper
Shame you didn't get the stator for the generator. Probably something stupid wrong with it. You can get aftermarket voltage regulators for them to control the field. I doubt they fried the stator windings
you want to save some time getting fuel just add a squeeze bulb primer ( from a boat gas tank ) to your fuel line.
Aseki Bekovy
where the dpf at
Josh Salazar
That needs to be put on a lawn tractor or build a kick ass go kart out of it
I know i am a bit of a nut, but a Diesel gokart would be very cool :D
Tony Ling
3600 RPM for 50 Hz
Jack Mundo
This is why i watch you thank you
Lara Hadington
Put it in the gokart if you still have it
Kenneth Moore
Diesel riding mower
Please put a small turbo on it and put it in a go kart
Damn what a nice find, I know where several of these little diesels are but the guy wants a lot of money for them. These are awesome generator engines. I have a 4 cyl that easily runs the whole house. It ran 160 hours nonstop last hurricane season.
Only some one with NO CLUE would ever toss something like that in the junk. Even for parts its worth hundreds of dollars.

Put it in a power king tractor😎
David Cherry
Hi mustie 1 maybe you could make the kubota with a turbo and supercharged set up and put it on a mini chopper and running on biodiesel
Jee Aa En Lourens
Great fun again!
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