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a local subscriber who works at a metal recycling yard saved this kubota engine from the crusher and thought it would make for a good will it run video, so lets find out shall we.

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Bill Carson
a boat?
Anthony Bush
I would love to have that engine!
So cute
Definitely a kubota
Make a little Gator type vehicle to use around the place.
Phil Patrick
Engine for bandsaw mill!
rj Mittleider
Glow plugs?
Henrik Petersen
turn it into an IRA payment
Henrik Petersen
if i were an engine i'd be a diesel
Henrik Petersen
nice score!
Edward Emmons
That's a pretty solid win for Mustie1. All the way from free to well upwards of that in a matter of minutes. That's "easily" worth ten to twenty times what most of the vintage single air cooled engines he's brought back to life are worth.
clan awesome
Go kart
you people amaze even me
So which motorbike you putting it in?
I have this motor and it’s cousin the 3 cylinder kubota diesel power baby
david hamilton
It might make a good independant winch for the truck or the trailer. Could get heavy stuff on to the trailer when the truck is not around and save you some time.
david hamilton
Might be good for a log cutter. Something that needs a bit of torque that will run all day. Band saw maybe, that type of thing.
Tim Erickson
Sell it to a sailboat owner
William Isch
that engine would be perfect for Cushmans meter maid :)
Jim Akin
Loosen the steel lines at the injectors and bleed the air off.
Nicky Critic
Cool engine. I knew it was a Kabota. It’s blue! I have a 3 cylinder. Don’t burn it up!
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Will It Run? Cheap Garage Will IT Run? Junked small 2 days ago   1:04:31

l picked up this commercial pressure washer at a garage sale in New Jersey while on vacation, it was as is for $75, so lets get into it and see if it can be fixed.