CAPTAIN MARVEL Final Trailer 10 "Dead" Marvel Heroes Confirmed 3 months ago   01:46

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CAPTAIN MARVEL Final Trailer (2019) Brie Larson, Marvel Superhero Movie HD

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Carol Danvers becomes one of the universe's most powerful heroes when Earth is caught in the middle of a galactic war between two alien races.

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Good Demon
As a life long Marvel fan... I think I'll pass. Her voice is annoying.
David Smith
Captain Misandrist is no hero.
I don't care how much money this feminist propaganda film makes.
The MCU is done.
Infinity War is the last real MCU film.
Ironically the snap does exactly what feminism was designed to do.
Kimberley Carr
What is the song from the beginning of the trailer?
Patricia Walston
I thought captain marvels hair was brown
Lize Marlene De Lange
So this is what cancer looks like
Thai Dangmei
Better than any marvel
alnahar polao
what do toxic bashers gonna say now....the movie is great and raking in a fortune at the box office.🤑
The movie is mainly about a feminist woman breaking the patriarchal glass ceiling and becoming supreme hero of the universe! Captain Independent Wahmen! No training, no back story, just because v.
David Smith
No surprise this Mary Sue starts the film being powered up already.
No need for explanations.
Misandric feminist Brie Larson is a hypocritical idiot who doesn't deserve to be the face of the MCU.
This is Star Wars all over again.
You MCU fans enjoy your future feminist, LGBTQ, and forced ethnic diversity characters. 👎👎
Scott Singley
I really liked Captain Marvel. I was going to boycott it until my daughter needed a psyche boost from some bad dreams. The marketing team did a TERRIBLE job cutting the trailers for this and Brie Larson needs to keep her man slaying mouth in check with her biased comments. I LOVE her as Captain Marvel but she needs to calm down pushing agendas from her role. The media is ruining the integrity of this film's status by calling EVERYONE trolls. If a MAN said the things she's quotes to the media he would be CRUCIFIED. ;) Great movie though highly recommend!
wa ge
Miss marvel*
This people didn't even think how hard brie larson is doing at the shooting
You keep criticising brie larson; wait till you watch the movie

ForTheRecord: It doesn't matter how bad the actress is, is about enjoying it
Lord Vic
why dont everyone just give credit to a good movie? why do you all have to hate? Give credit that we are at least getting a captain marvel movie! its a better era than any other era that had no super hero movies
bifrost 0000000
Captain sophie the A I hero
Miguel Mota
what's up with the 90's looking CGI..
Black Card_XCII
Anyone notice how they fixed her incorrect sentence in the actual film. She says "a skrull can't do that" instead of "No skrull cannot do that".
Riddhi Vaze
The comment section is VERY opposite to the like-dislike ratio
Annnnd movie is great. Not amazing but certainly not the flop many people have been predicting...

Brie was great in the movie as was her banter with Samuel Jackson. Haters going to hate, no matter what.
Kim Thomas Hardy
Not getting any of my hard earned money!
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10 "Dead" Marvel Heroes Confirmed CAPTAIN MARVEL Final Trailer 3 months ago   06:43

Which Marvel characters are definitely coming back in Avengers 4?Subscribe to our channel:

At the end of Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos’ snap changed everything we thought we knew about the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It also realigned the playing field on which our favorite heroes could fight our most despised villain. In order to make Thanos as threatening as possible, they had to draw out the conflict across multiple movies and, wisely, the MCU creative team decided to deliver on Thanos’ promise to remake the universe. While many of our favorite newer characters were instantaneously wiped out of existence, the original Avengers team stayed intact. Likely, to bring the battle back to Thanos for the big finale in Avengers 4. Although many more characters will likely meet a permanent demise in the follow up to Infinity War, ScreenRant has culled through the reports, checked up on the spoilers and listened to the quotes from the creative team themselves to confirm for you which 10 dead Marvel heroes will be resurrected for the next movie.

Since we were all so shocked by the conclusion of the last film, can we trust everything we hear? Probably not. But while we wait for the debut of the fourth Avengers film let’s hope to see the returned faces of Loki, Spider-Man, Gamora, Falcon, Bucky, Nick Fury, Hope Van Dyne, Hank Pym, Vision and the other members of the Guardians of the Galaxy. We didn’t think these characters could really fade away forever and, according to this news, they’ll likely make a big return.


Entry 1 - LOKI
Entry 2 - SPIDER-MAN
Entry 3 - GAMORA
Entry 4 - FALCON
Entry 6 - NICK FURY
Entry 9 - VISION

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