Boris Johnson faces the public Boris Johnson: insults, gaffes 1 day ago   27:08

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Tim Comley
I see Momentum are in,.
Repulse theMonkey
Ironic that the Tories have a banner saying ‘securing Britain’s future’ when there are already an bunch of bastards threatening to bring down their own government, to resist No Deal Brexit. The one thing that could save their miserable, lying party. More and more I am convinced that we can never trust these people to deliver a newspaper, let alone Brexit. As the law forbids more drastic action, the only recourse we have is to smash the Tory Party into the ground at the next GE.
Just Saying
This is all just a mirage, surely. You're not now telling me, that the best two people to lead the UK out of the EU as per the peoples referendum result is one of these two buffoons. What have we all allowed to happen to our once great Country ??
Baby Boto
Fat prick is an absolute disgrace. All the Tories are. 😂 Britain is an embarrassment.
#fuckboris #JC4PM⚘🇬🇧
Craig Blyth
All Tories are liars and murderers of the sick and disabled and of those who've not been able to have operations in time cos of their deliberate underfunding of the NHS. They are all Owned by Maj of donations into their party coming from tax avoiders too and tax avoidance is the real main problem with our economy but because they are owned by that investment into them they cant do anything about it AND BREXIT SHOULDN'T EVEN BE ALLOWED TO GO AHEAD AS IM SURE BY BORIS LYING TO MORE THAN DOUBLE WHAT WE PAY EU ON SIDE OF BUS THAT WAS ENOUGH TO CON ENOUGH UNDECIDEDS TO VOTE BREXIT AT THE EU REF 2016 THAT WOULDN'T HAVE DONE OTHERWISE NONE AND I MEAN NONE OF THEM ARE FIT FOR OFFICE UNLESS THEY DO THE RIGHT DEMOCRATIC THING AND GIVE US A GENERAL ELECTION THEY SHOULD ALL BE THROWN IN PRISON FOR VERY LONG STRETCHES
Sheath Sadler
What a relief just to be able to listen to a politician voice his ideas and opinions without a rabid left-wing BBC presenter cutting across every time he says something that is not in line with the BBC's thought agenda. What a relief to be able to relax and listen carefully, without a dodgy imam - complete with medieval costume - popping up to hijack the conversation and move it towards irrelevant nonsense. What a relief to know that there is no danger of Sajid Javid walking onto the stage to play the minority victim card with veiled, pointless accusations of Islamophobia. What a relief!
Darren Marriott
What a rude interviewer
Mohamed Ali
Fuck bitch
better quality please, Jesus.
Edward Thornhill
Why Is the video quality so bad?!
peter kelly
Nail Alexander Johnson UP ! NO WOMEN NO CHILDREN ! SNAKE
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Boris Johnson: insults, gaffes Boris Johnson faces the public 1 day ago   02:34

Boris Johnson was a surprise choice as Theresa May’s foreign secretary.
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He has insulted the present US president as well as both candidates to be Barack Obama’s successor. He has used racist language towards Africans. And he has written an offensive limerick about the president of Turkey.

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