Does the EU Really Need the UK? - Brexit Brexit: Facts vs Fear, with 3 months ago   13:30

When scrolling through comments you often see people say "they need us more than we need them". So we have tried to respond to that once and for all. We look at if the EU relies on the UK for trade, how the EU budget will cope without the UK and if the EU needs the UK as a security ally.

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Brett Dupree
Where is the video on the EUs agricultural policy?
We. They. It behaves like football supporters on opposite sides of the pitch.
Rowena Owen
Found this really interesting. I would love to know how a 'No Deal' Brexit would affect us in real terms (in our pockets) and how long before we could replace the EU with other countries for trading agreements.
frank brown
Brexit isn't just about trade. It's also about Autonomy. The Germans have got big ideas about converting the EU partner countries into Federated States of Germany. They have TWICE demonstrated a desire to rule over Europe, and twice we have had to kick their arses, when in reality we should have knocked them back into the Stone Age, and made sure they never raised their ugly arrogant heads ever again. But here they are, on the brink of taking over the countries of Europe without a shot being fired. They still think of themselves as the MASTER RACE. See them for what they are before it's too late to put a stop to their antics.
tristan wildman
Take it the creator is a remainer
Edouard Hargrove
There is one crucial dimension which has been left out. With the UK leaving the EU and its fiscal/economic treaties, you may be able to achieve full sovereignty. What this implies is that, from a left-leaning Brexit perspective, you will finally be able to end with the neoliberal trading economics, protect your industry, and pursue Keynesian economics for structural job growth by superseding the 3% budget deficit rule. If Labour gets into power after Brexit, it will truly be an accountable and sovereign government for the first time in decades.
D&J Autos MOT Cnt Ltd
You are obviously remainer
I didn't vote Brexit for trade although I think we can hold our own long term. I did it primarily for Democracy. I can't believe how dismissive we are to something that founded our European counties in the first place! Crazy world.
Ronnie Paul
I think you are missing the big picture... Need or not need is not the question.. The question is can the EU let the UK leave and prosper as a result of leaving.. NO, they can not allow that. This would cause the entire EU to collapse as other countires will surely follow.. So the EU needs to make leaving as painful as possible even if it is just political sabotage to any leader who allows it....
Andrew Gault
Come out of her my people, so that you do not share in her plagues... God.
Jon Cocks
no deal Brexit, I voted to remain but I wish I hadn't.
Rob Trust
Merkels actions alone made it a no brainer to leave.She has devastated Europe with Her open all doors policy that nobody had a vote for. The Eurocrats that run this failure of a so called union are also to blame. Non elected MONEY GRABBING BARSTEWARDS. Europe is a con that has no accounts records,
Arran Largue
So we export 55% to the EU and import 60% from the EU. If we leave and they introduce massive tariffs, then we will just import from other countries, thus the EU being worse off as we are not buying as much stuff from them. The percentages mean we buy more from them than we sell to them, they need us more than we need them.
Couldn’t care less whether they do or don’t as long as we LEAVE.
Peter Vos
No mention of the fishing industry, which is pretty significant!
Hana El-Huraiby
There is life and trade BEYOND the EU. Lets not forget the failing countries in the EU.
It may sound rough to some Brexiteers, but Great Britain is not the Empire it once was, the UK is just one of 28 EU-Members and we can do without the UK, although it may hurt in the beginning.
We can adapt and survive this.
The UK suffers way more damage from Brexit, if it really goes through.

Of cause the European Countries have a better standing in the world, if they stand together, that also applies to the UK.
But honestly, you guys made a decision to fuck up your country and we got to respect it, that's how democracy works. Only your MP's can undo the Brexit. Also, honestly, as mentioned, we're fed up with all the exceptions the UK has while no other countries has these, they're against the European Solidarity Concept in my opinion.

Some people even look forward to Brexit so the EU can evolve further than with the UK on board and, if the UK then wants to return, without these exceptions, that would be fair.

So which way the UK ultimately choses, you're welcome.
Andrew Podmore
I love Scotland and have many friends, it is supported financially as part of the UK, and with British BBC and NHS Scotland is part of the union a union that works, pre eu referendum the Scots narrowly voted to stay in the union, their economy is helped massively by staying in the union. Why does the UK pay 9 billion a year net? Is Germany dipping in to recession?, why are they printing more euros? What’s deuchebanks financial status? Have you seen how much they have leveraged? Will be pay a higher tariff to continue to sell our goods to the eu? Yes, will our sales to the eu fall? Yes, will this be by a drastic margin ? We don’t know, why do the eu now need an army having said that they would never have one? Did nick clegg get sacked as mp for Sheffield ? Did he say that you must be deluded if you think their will be an eu army? Does the eu need an army to protect itself from Russian tanks or is it going to be civil unrest from within? Have you seen the yellow jackets looting on the champs Elyse this week? Don’t go in to Paris on Eurostar was the foreign offices advice, is the euro really working? Why could Greece not default leaves the eu and go back to its former currency? Is the UK seeing the same growth as many eu countries of far right nationalist parties ? Is this because the authoritarian EU are seen as an oppressive bureaucracy ? Are German women safe in train stations after merkel let in 2 million immigrants and now have closed the doors saying - no more? Was this New Year’s Eve news 2015 suppressed by the German media as we know the left wing don’t want to be called out as racists? Is it fair to say the EU generally is a left wing socialist construct of the 20th century that means “now we cant have another nazi party and 2nd world war?” Is Europe that close to ruin that without the eu we could repeat the mistakes of the past? Do we need the eu to stop another war? Is there that why we need an eu army? Does that not seem slightly oppressive ? Did the UK and US put themselves on the brink to end the last world war in Europe? I love Europe but I don’t like what the eu has become. Too big too unwieldy. It’s too close to an empire for me, and yes if the UK decides to leave the empire will strike back. Pun intended. It’s not good for the UK too leave the eu and a clear message must be sent to all other member states. Particularly Italy ...
John MacMillan
Good factual video. Thanks. I voted to leave the EU solely on the basis that the ‘European Project’ has been a long term stealth move towards a United States of Europe since its conception in 1920 with centralised control with a few unelected men in Brussels and a push upwards a constitution which in effect will remove all domestic self determination, making national government and constitutions redundant. Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini pushed for a similar model of centralised control and see how that worked out.
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Brexit: Facts vs Fear, with Does the EU Really Need the UK? - Brexit 3 months ago   11:52

How a mythical EU dragon was conjured up and the striking truth behind it all.

A trick of forced perspective put fear in the way of facts.

Voiced by Stephen Fry.

Immigrants contributed £20bn to the UK between 2000-2011, paying 64% more in taxes than they received in benefits.
Study by UCL Professor Christian Dustmann and Dr Tommaso Frattini, published by the Royal Economic Society in The Economic Journal.

Age profile of UK immigrants:
Bruegel (independent, non-partisan think tank):

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