Does the EU Really Need the UK? - Brexit Brexit: Facts vs Fear, with 2 months ago   13:30

When scrolling through comments you often see people say "they need us more than we need them". So we have tried to respond to that once and for all. We look at if the EU relies on the UK for trade, how the EU budget will cope without the UK and if the EU needs the UK as a security ally.

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Jake Rommer
So overall...we’re buggered ;)
Karl Hans
uk is small iceland. they want colonization the world again. thats why they left eu. uk you dont get the colonys back!
Karl Hans
its just a culture trend in uk. after some years there will notice there lost so mutch money that they benifit from eu more than they belive.
Robertos Vrahimis
Slightly more? Thats not what your own figures say!
The Idea of the UK leaving the EU feels like a friend moving to a different city far away :/
Graham Green
A clean break from the EU will be economically very bad for Britain in the short term. Long term the EU will have a highly successful and independent nation just over the water. Globalist interest cares nothing for politics - they will go to a stable low tax country with a competent, low paid workforce and Britain will thrive. The EU will not have freedom of speech and will suffocate under African immigration. Check back in 10 years.
Private Thoughts
Europe needs to strengthen its own army! It could be attacked by these imperialists! They think like imperialists, not as members of the EU! It was a mistake to have been co-opted in the EU ..! The EU lives very well without UK ....They have received too many benefits from the EU in exchange for cars with airplane engine ,that do not meet the European standards of noise pollution, vaccum cleaners that do not aspire anything, and other nonsense that nobody wants in Europe ...
Georgi Grotsev
The reason Brexit is happening is because people aren't happy at work and need someone to blame - who else but The EU?
What people, in general, don't consider from the EU perspective is what to they lose in their two worst case scenarios.
In the first, there is a hard, no-deal brexit that inflicts significant economic pain. A lot of money is lost, but that's about it.
In the second, the EU capitulates to brexiteer demands and the remaining EU members into a collective UK vassal state. This would end the EU, and really is the true goal of brexiteers, to destroy the EU by default.

The UK initiated this process and any result is undesirable, but from the EU perspective the options are hard line negotiating or dissolving itself.
Not to mention the worlds largest banks HQs leaving UK
Hi guys, yes a video on the EU farming policy sounds nice, after all this Brexit thing finalised, which doesn't seem to be inminent
Nope. Only their money :)
About time that the UK is leaving. They were never real europeans and more of a problem than a solution.
Anybody worried that both the US and UK are powerless atm (27 days shutdown/ brexit crisis) and increasingly detached from the EU? Or should I just say well played Vladimir?
Freddy Fox 500
No one needs the EU
Ofcourse we want UK to stay. But that's not because I want to get a bit of your 350m pounds, but because Europe should be united, why divide it by brexit? We can be strong only together, divided we are weak and easy targets for other super powers like USA or China or even Russia, believe me these countries are the most happy countries after brexit referendum.
bob loblaw
We have learnt nothing from the two world wars. We have let Germany control Europe and everyone has turned a blind eye to it.
Jeroen Feher
Even on an emotional level, leaving the EU is a bad decision. Throughout history, the bigger guy has always pushed around the smaller guy. Quitting one of the major trading blocks to go and fight the world by yourself is like starting your own football team with just one player and still wanting to play in the world cup. The other economic blocks can just push you around on the basis of difference in leverage. And any decisional power that the UK previously had within the Europe is completely lost. Who wants less power over their own future?
Kostas Froudarakis
As for the German car brands, imagine what would happen if German interests decide to move car manufacturing out of the UK. Mini, anyone... Bentley... Rolls...
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Brexit: Facts vs Fear, with Does the EU Really Need the UK? - Brexit 2 months ago   11:52

How a mythical EU dragon was conjured up and the striking truth behind it all.

A trick of forced perspective put fear in the way of facts.

Voiced by Stephen Fry.

Immigrants contributed £20bn to the UK between 2000-2011, paying 64% more in taxes than they received in benefits.
Study by UCL Professor Christian Dustmann and Dr Tommaso Frattini, published by the Royal Economic Society in The Economic Journal.

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