How Big Meat Made Bacon a Meme Trump's Wall Has Changed a Lot: 5 months ago   05:24

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I love Dogs [sub to PewDiePie]
Eating bacon while watching.
Monroe Robbins
Okay, dudes: that 18% risk of colorectal cancer or other cancer risks may seem small, but think about it. That’s just food alone, only 50 grams of it per DAY. What about other factors like tobacco use, alcohol use, inactivity, etcetera? Maybe 5 or 6% colon cancer risk, or that 18% colorectal cancer risk might not seem so small with those other factors in play? Wanted to point that out to the commenters who actually looked at the sources they used and scoffed at the numbers.
Lol. I ate bacon in the 80s. It's always been a quintessential weekend breakfast staple for as long as I've been alive. Jane Fonda Jazz-ercise acolytes don't represent the majority of society of the time.
Leanne Nicole
Cigarettes are also a group 1 carcinogen .... Just added perspective ❤️ watch "what the health" on here it talks in depth on the meat and dairy industry
Yum yum
Ralph So
People, they literally made a video about everything can kill you years ago. Don't take it seriously if you like bacon then eat it, everybody gonna die anyways only difference is how long
You know I never got why bacon was such a meme. It really doesn’t taste THAT good.
Alvin Anika Putra
Bacon Made from Pig
Pig Eat They Own Poop

Everything causes cancer, didn't ruin bacon for me
Bob Marley
Actually, again Adam is wrong about the full studys. On top of that my grandparents all lived into their mid 90's. So eat a balanced diet. Because, well... Remember when tomatoes and egplant where those poisonous berries in Itily? It was just 400 years back. However the pesants noticed the animals eating them and then discovered it they helped to fight off the plague.
Bob Marley
Bacon has been a mainstay since the dark ages dumb asses.
DVD playerz
Ok so 3:21 How much is this 20%?
This reminded me of an earlier video of adam about pregnancy and deformations before the age of 40.
Here he says 20% because it sounds *much bigger* and scaryer that the real number.
For example: You are 50% more likely to get cancer if you eat toast. but if your chances were 1% whithout toast, that means that your chances increased only to 1.5%
Saying 50% more likely is more scary and impactfull than 1.5%
And the problem with that is the fact that the audience now doesn't know what the real number was.

This is the second video I see do the same thing about the same topic.

*The chances increase from 5% to 6%.*
THERE is your damn 20%
Tyrese Harding
The real reason Jews don’t eat bacon

It’s just a joke, I’m not racist.
Rey_ cray:3
I still love bacon NO MATTER WHAT.
Patton 2401
But you can just eat a little bit of bacon or a hot dog a week right?
Kevin Mcmaster
It seems as salad consistently been the most dangerous food for the last ten years with continuous recalls from ecoli sickening thousands
Derick Chafton
We're not supposed to eat meat at all. Gross! Bullied the state though?! Bahahaha! You don't know the nature of the state or.... This is just some cleverly crafted seemingly honest and helpful bit of propaganda.
Chris Voss
man, idgaf. bacon is good af. o and then the cancer part came on 😡
Pork belly is "processed?" Funny, it looks like a piece of meat cut right off the bottom of a pig. So what part of the pig is the bologna? Or hot dog?
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Trump's Wall Has Changed a Lot: How Big Meat Made Bacon a Meme 5 months ago   06:52

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Trump's Wall Has Changed a Lot: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

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