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FNAF is back with it's first official VR game "Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted". You know what that means Theorists - the story is not over yet! Well, mostly. I think this is the start of a whole new chapter of FNAF lore. The old story had its ending, William Afton trapped in limbo forever. The new story has a new villain, YOU... sort of. What do I mean? Get ready Theorists, FNAF is just getting started!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Marc Schneider and Tyler Mascola
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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Henry Hauser
Everyone is here except one notable exception...

TSB Faun
Wait is the glitch bunny just spring trap before he was all torn and broken?
Grandom Rye
MatPat: There are multiple William Aftons now!

Cassidy: I like a challenge.
14:33 she had eyes
joel_niber janvier
You should do a game theory video where it shows the income of fnaf because think of all of the security measures and different suits and killing tools
6:14 he said H-E-Double Chica Arms XD
Kamran Qureshi
Writer:how many mini games do you want for fnaf 2?

Scott cawthon:YES
Alex Strausbaugh
ok i have an idea ever heard of the drawkills they are said to make people insane in their pizzeria insanity is also known as madness no one really knows where the drawkills come from but the next fnaf game is going to be called into madness if you catch what im saying
Jaiden Brailey
At 22:18 who get the Reference.
I nearly cried when you talked about us being stuffed and fired to sing!🥺
Shadw Fox
After mentioning glitch trap I expected a jump scare. Huh.
If you listen closely in the trailer, you can hear a couple Golden Freddy laughs. Could this mean something...?
M. Mirza
Isn‘t Cassidy a boy‘s name thou?
Maxwell Boles
The binary on the game theory T-shirt says hero when translated
so fnaf vr is just one big body swap episode.
abbe rodriguez
Might wanna help out treesicle
Gustavo Schumacher Fischborn
14:34 the tape holes look like eyes on her
Fnaf should come with a warning. "Warning Trying to piece together the lore of Fnaf will result in: Migraines, Loss of hair, Insomnia, and Insanity"
-1nsane Electr0-
I got an ad for piano tiles old town road before watching this

Coincidence, I think not
· Cookie Edits ·
Me when he said ballora isn't important: :O WHAT DID U SAY
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Game Theory: FNAF, The Answer Game Theory: FNAF, You Were 2 days ago   21:56

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The release of The Twisted Ones may have been followed by the Cancellation of FNAF 6, but we can still use this book to get to the bottom of things! While Scott says the books are a separate canon, it's hard to deny that the books and games only seem more & more connected as they come out. And The Twisted Ones is no exception. In this episode, I will Reveal who created the animatronics in Sister Location and how these twisted robots can Control Your Mind!

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