Top 10 Awesome Moments from The Lego Alfred and Batman Funny Scenes 2 months ago   10:17

Top 10 Awesome Moments from The Lego Movie
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With the building blocks of imagination, you can create something truly special. For this list, we’re taking a look at the most humorous, touching, and inventive moments from this 2014 animated feature. Join WatchMojo as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Moments from The Lego Movie.

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10) Escaping from Bricksburg
9) Princess Unikitty
8) Spaceship
7) Good Cop, Bad Cop
6) You’re the Special
5) Meeting the Master Builders
4) The Ghost of Vitruvius
3, 2 & 1???

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Nightkitten 1000
I rather the new one
Marshall the firepup
I love Unikitty! And she has a television show named Unikitty, voiced by Tara Strong.
the other nerd
2:55 nice you shotted out the best youtuber ever =D
ive watched the lego movie at least eight times and I personally feel that the speech emmett gives to lord business should be higher on the list, if not number one. its message is simple and eloquent yet deeply meaningful and has served as a big source of inspiration for me.
hot wheels racer 23
My top 10 Lego movie characters
10 : Unikitty
9 : Benny
8 : Nya Smith ( ninjago)
7 : Zane Julien ( ninjago)
6 : Dick Grayson ( Robin)
5 : Bruce Wayne ( Batman)
4 : Jay Walker ( ninjago)
3 : Rex Dangervest
2 : Lloyd Garmadon
1 : Emmet Brickowski
Joe Bob
Rename to top 10 bad moments in the lego movie
Robert plays 34 2
1:31 when your brother ate the last hot pocket
and who is the Greatest Masterbuilder of them all?
walter soprano
The sequel was so disapointing! Where was the clever directing and writing???
Sivasankaran PS
dont these have copyright violation?pls reply
benny boi
Mmm dont you mena spashap?
TheCatTripletsLPS / Warrior cat lover
The Lego Movie was awesome!
James Yanez
Noah JK
The duplos are from the sy star system
Marcie Heacox
Thaddeus mclaurin
Taff Misc
Spoiler alert! Everything's not awesome!" - Lego Movie 2
Tampabay Buccanneersfan101
I watched the LEGO movie 2 today
Sebastian Perez
Bionicles was the shit back in the day 😀
Alan Chan
When I saw unikitty I was happy so that’s the only reason I watched the movie
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Alfred and Batman Funny Scenes Top 10 Awesome Moments from The Lego 2 months ago   04:52

The Lego Batman Movie (2017)

Alfred and Batman Funny Scenes