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With Nigel Farage away, Jacob Rees-Mogg takes your calls live from 6pm.

Tonight Jacob is asking: With a new poll suggesting that just 28% want to leave without a deal compared to 43% who now want to remain in the European Union.

Is this representative of modern Britain?

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Michael Hunt
Antony in Woking starts by wanting a further referendum. He then goes on to say it was an advisory referendum, so his 2nd referendum will only be advisory too?
Matt Howe
Eric in Bingham sounds like Derek (Ricky Gervais).
damien hughes
Jacob I'm a fan keep up the work buddy
Hamish Somerville
Not England is leaving the EU as a Scot I believe it is theUK.
Tom Hermens
Boris is with IDS in good hands!!! He is the one for the universal credit debacle which is another thing that must be scrapped.
It is a hideous system.
colin robertson
Why don't we talk about the MPs in Parliament that's have purged their oath. They swore an oath to protect the sovereignty of the United Kingdom and they have failed when they lied and took us into the EU they knew we would lose part of our sovereignty which is against the law of the United Kingdom
trace d
This man is brilliant too
CelticOracle ETSY
Funny thing is remainers keep telling us we didn't know what we were voting for but we Leavers must be telepathic because we all think like the gentleman from Essex while the remainers CAN'T give one 3 good reasons excluding free movement to stay. I am sorry to see that most vocal remainers are residents and not British citizens, while I wish them well this is our country, they have to respect our decision. We can't give EU citizens leave to remain unless the EU is prepared to give reciprocity for UK citizens who live in the EU. It is appalling the EU is using that as weapon.
Goss Kamperis
NIGEL .................... WRITE-OFF STUDENT LOANS - the marginal cashflow will be minimal as it is only income from loan repayments that will be missed but the relief to millions of students will be life-changing.

For them, it's like they have mortgages but without the houses.

And when it comes to buying a house, they are disadvantaged by lack of affordability and borrowing power.
Notice how they never publish the actual wording of the questions or the wording of the answer options of these yougov polls.Or the demographics of member's that got offered that particular poll. And anyone who has ever used yougov know the questions and options given to choose from have become increasingly vague .
America's Choice
Theresa Hunt
Jimmy Riddle
Hunt is a lieing remainer
deadly 0101
A lot of people don't understand why Jacob want's to leave because he will do well out of it cause his business is fund management . And that's why he didn't put his name for PM ????
Hot Hands
Red and white brexit.
No Europe
No Scotland
No Wales
No Northern Ireland
No more hand outs.

Lose the scabs and do it alone without those wasters.

Hard border around England.
Maria \palmer
Just watched May trying to be tough on Putin at the G20 summit . Pathetic . What a joke . If only she tried being tough during Brexit negotiations. What is wrong with our politicians. They don’t mind consorting with the body dismembering Saudis , and hang on every lie spouting from the American government. . And meanwhile the country is hanging around while the government and parliament pontificate on their own opinions of what they think we meant by voting to leave the EU . Good luck to Robin Tilbrook and his attempt to prove , at the High Court , that we have already left.
John Heppenstall
That’s democracy mate
Moggy Moggy Moggy!
(Oik Oik Oik!)
John Strong
OUT meant OUT Jacob, MARTINS anger shows how the PEOPLE FEEL.
Daniel W
Boris Johnson is a hard-hearted narcissist. However, the ice in his veins and brutal expediency and the threat of gutter-fighting are what is required, right now; Hunt is all, "May I respectfully request/ honourable member, consult with stakeholders..." etc etc :(
James Brown
Martin from Essex summing up the problem perfectly. 'How thick are they?'. If I had a pound for every time I've said this over the last two years I could probably pay the withdrawal bill myself.

They're very thick is the answer. Certainly thick enough to spend their whole lives banging on about globalisation and the evils of capitalism, then on the one occasion they get to actually do something about it, go and specifically vote for those things. Not only that but subvert democracy to get them.

They're also thick enough to glue themselves to trains to stop public transport creating carbon while simultaniously campaigning to overturn a democratic decision because the car industry might suffer.
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