Why is NJ spending $300M to fix its Statehouse? Statehouse Renovation 6 months ago   01:09

New Jersey 101.5
Documentation of the Statehouse's structural problems is readily available. Details explaining the nearly $300M restoration project have been tougher to find.

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Cry me a river. his video is a joke. Ask Christie about the tunnel he canceled that is desperately needed! And it will cost at least double pribably if it's ever built vs if Christie didn't cancel the tunnel 7 years ago. Imagine the GSP with only 2 lanes in North jersey when it's already backed up with 4 lanes! Bad move to cancel the extra tunnel to NYC.
I wouldn't approve 50 cents to the statehouse rebuilding. plus legislators don't deserve it. they've done a ad job with property taxes.
Ed Wu
just give them a blank check
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Statehouse Renovation Why is NJ spending $300M to fix its Statehouse? 6 months ago   03:57

New Jersey's Statehouse is getting a makeover.

Gov. Chris Christie announced the news on Tuesday in an unusual public appearance, promising to overhaul the exterior and interior of the building over the next four years. The news came as a surprise to many, who speculated that the announcement could have something to do with a potential job in the Trump administration. Gov. Christie used the time to reiterate that he plans to finish his term in office.

The renovation is estimated to cost $300 million.